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If Little Fox were still her naive self instead of the daughter of the Blue Fox family's national master, he probably would not have given up and instead put more effort into fighting for their relationship.

However, based on Yan Chen's characteristics, he could only surrender even if he did not want to as the incident had been exposed.

Gu Xijiu glimpsed at Lan Yue and realized that the brat was smiling all the while. Furthermore, his gaze was filled with dominance. It seemed that he was adamant to make Little Fox his, using any method that he could think of.

He was as simple as he looked but a somewhat tricky person. The fact that he revealed Little Fox's true ident.i.ty today was to seek justice for her. However, it was also because he understood Yan Chen well and knew that he would not compete with him again once the incident went according to his plan.

Lan Yue had defeated a strong compet.i.tor today! He was a smart person and would never fail himself as the future king of the Blue Fox family.

Madam Yan and Leng Wushuang left embarra.s.singly. Everyone allowed them to leave without insulting them as a favor to Yan Chen. However, no one sent them off, and they had to leave with cold shoulders.

Yan Chen left the Tianju a.s.sociation. He was too self-centered and needed a place to himself to calm down as his feelings were hurt.

One day later, Gu Xijiu tried contacting him with her directed audio spell. He only picked up after it rang several times. His voice sounded hoa.r.s.e but calm. "Xijiu, what's up?"

All of a sudden, Gu Xijiu ran out of words. She only managed to say five words after pondering for a short while. "Yan Chen, I'm very sorry." Yan Chen was also her friend, and they were once very supportive of each other. However, even though she managed to seek justice for Little Fox, she also got Yan Chen hurt at the same time.

Yan Chen sounded very calm and steady. "It's alright. I want to thank you. Finally, I got to know the truth regarding a matter which had bothered me for a very long time." He paused and continued. " Is Little Fox, doing well now?"

"She's fine." Gu Xijiu only answered with two words.

Little Fox, who once showed all her emotions on her face, had also learned to hide it now. She idled even more often than usual ever since Yan Chen left.

However, she still lived like any ordinary day and maintained her social network as usual. It was not much different from her previous lifestyle. Perhaps, she was also working hard to find her way out from the mist.

Yan Chen remained silent for a moment and smiled. "That's great. I hope that she can be happy."

Even though he was not the one who would be making her happy, he wished that the rest of her life could be filled with joy. He knew that he was no longer compatible with her. Hence, he just wished that she could live happily forever.

"Alright, Xijiu. Let me know if you need my help in the future. I'll get myself busy first."

Yan Chen then cut the line. He was drinking alone in a town. Though he had drunk quite a lot, he did not feel tipsy at all. Perhaps, the quality of the alcohol was too low. He idled for a short while as he leaned on the table. Later, he took out a bunch of stuff from inside his sleeve.

The owner of the bar gazed at his guest with a curious look. The guest looked charming, and his attire was clean. He looked like he was from a n.o.ble family and possessed an extraordinary aura. He should be living a luxurious life instead of holding up in such a rundown shop the entire day. He had been drinking since the daytime. It was now late at night, and yet, he did not seem to be leaving anytime soon.

Since the guest could spend lavishly, the owner did not kick him out but instead paid more attention to him.

The bar owner saw Yan Chen take out a bunch of stuff, and so he stretched his neck further to take a look.

However, he realized that there was nothing valuable among his possessions. He saw a fox eye shaped jade with very bad engraving, a cheap paper fan, a handmade gra.s.shopper, and a wreath.

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