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Gu Xijiu refuted, "Mrs. Yan, you seem to have glorified your words. If you were truly eager for perfection, you could always point out her flaws in front of Yan Chen. I am sure she would correct her mistakes. However, from what I heard, you acted like you loved and cared for her so publicly when in fact, you kept damaging her self-esteem when no one was looking. You humiliated her, as though she was absolutely nothing. You even insulted her parents. Is this the way to pave for perfection? Do you really think that you can fool us here in Tianju Hall?"

Mrs. Yan was tongue-tied. Determined, she decided to confess, "Yes, I looked down on her! Her mother ran away secretly with another man, losing all her standing and reputation. I am sure her father would be a corrupted man of no moral value and dignity who would lure any woman as he pleased. Lan Waihu has their blood, so I cannot be sure that she will not repeat their mistakes and ruin my family's reputation. Yan Chen was so obsessed with her and insisted that she would be the only one he married. I had no other way. She needed to realize that her status was no match for my family! She can marry anyone but the future head of my family. How is she worthy for a family so n.o.ble and reputable like mine?"

She paused and continued, "She grew up in our family and has always been a close friend of Yan Chen. On that behalf, I accepted her as Yan Chen's concubine, but he insisted that she must be his one and only wife. Isn't this a joke? On the contrary, Wushuang comes from a decent family and our families have been friends for a long time. A long time ago, we had even made a verbal agreement on their engagement, but Yan Chen refused it."

Gu Xijiu smirked. "Mrs. Yan, what you see in Wushuang is not only about the decency of her family but also that she is related to Blue Fox family, am I right? The reason you agreed to adopt Waihu is not only because of your compa.s.sion but also because of her surname, Lan. You thought that she might be related to Blue Fox family. All the children from Blue Fox family are of n.o.ble descent that can help their spouses in advancing their spiritual power. That is why you agreed to adopt her, initially. Soon, you figured out that she was nothing like the Blue Fox's, so you started to disdain her presence, didn't you?"

Mrs. Yan did not know how to defend herself, as all she said was true. Leng Wushuang, who had remained quiet all the while, decided to speak up, "Yan Chen is destined to be a decent man. Only a woman of Blue Fox descent is worthy of him. Others are not, not even with her family name. Although Mrs. Yan was a little aggressive, all she wanted was the best for Yan Chen. Miss Lan's indecent family is exactly the gossip that will linger on for a long time. Mrs. Yan cares for her child, so she will not wish to see her child suffer from all kinds of sarcastic remarks for a lifetime just because he chooses to marry an indecent woman."

Leng Wushuang looked at Lan Waihu fixedly, as though she was far more superior to her.

Lan Waihu's expression changed abruptly. Before she could say anything, a voice emerged. "Her indecent family? Her family is far more decent and n.o.ble than yours!"

A man of blue robes could be seen slowly entering the hall.

It was Lan Yue.

He threw a sharp gaze at Leng Wushuang. "All the women of Blue Fox descent are truly n.o.ble. However, you are not one of them. The bloodline of the Blue Fox family is not yours to claim."

His words came as an utter surprise.

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