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Her white dress had turned blue. An embroidered fluffy fox tail was hidden at the edge of her dress. Her foxtail looked even more enchanting than the one on Lan Yue's robe. Every time she moved her body, the edge of her dress would slightly flutter as if her foxtail was swaying in the wind.

Lan Yue's eyes slowly studied her. His focus was on her vertical pupils and the foxtail that was at the edge of the dress. He looked perplexed and sighed. "I never expected that…" He paused.

Little Fox was nervous. "You never expected what?"

"I never expected that your Blue Fox lineage would be this pure."

Little Fox sipped her lips. "Is my lineage purer than Leng Wushuang's?"

Lan Yue looked disdained. "She is incomparable to you. She isn't even qualified to help you wear your shoes. She only has a little of the Blue Fox family lineage in her blood. Meanwhile, you possess a very pure Blue Fox family lineage. After all, you are the daughter of National Master Lan, and you look very alike to him."

The most distinguished lineage in the Blue Fox family came from the lineage of National Master Lan. It was even more distinguished than the royal family. National Master Lan was born with extraordinary magical power. Even if he married a human, his child would possess the pure lineage too. What was even rarer was the fact that the child's spiritual power would be pure. It was very rare for such a child to exist! All the single man in Blue Fox family might go crazy for her and want to marry her if she went back to the Blue Fox clan with her original appearance!

Lan Waihu did not know that her lineage had significantly affected Lan Yue's heart. She looked down. "However, his mother said that I am the lowliest…"

"It is because she is blind." Lan Yue softly said.

"She said that her son deserves someone with n.o.ble descent, but I am merely a sparrow who wants to live in a phoenix's nest. She said that I am b.a.s.t.a.r.d. I am not even qualified to be Leng Wushuang's servant. When I was soaked in the lake, Leng Wushuang even sent me a directed audio and asked me to be more sensible while I was left behind inside the lake. She said that Yan Chen belongs to her as she is the only one who deserved to marry him in this lifetime."

Lai Waihu muttered, and suddenly she chuckled. "Yan Chen's mother would regret about what she had done if she knew my ident.i.ty. She would probably beg me to go back to her son and will not look down on me anymore."

Lan Yue was unhappy. "Why? Are you going to use your ident.i.ty to impress her so that she will accept you?"

Lan Waihu shook her head. "No, I won't!"

Lan Yue heaved a sigh of relief. "What are you planning for your future?"

Lan Waihu slightly paused. "I want to go back to the Tianju a.s.sociation."

Lan Yue smiled, but his eyes looked serious. "Do you think Yan Chen will go to the Tianju a.s.sociation to look for you?"

Lan Waihu looked down and did not speak. She knew that the relationship she had was something she could not forget that easily. She hated Yan Chen's parents but not him. She felt disappointed.

Lan Yue continued to ask her. "If he goes to the Tianju a.s.sociation to find you, will you leave with him?"

Lan Waihu shook her head quickly. "I will not leave the Tianju a.s.sociation!" She did not want to enter into the Yan's family house anymore. She refused to go back with them even if they sent eight sedans to carry her!

Lan Yue narrowed his eyes. She only mentioned that she was adamant not to leave the Tianju a.s.sociation. However, she never said anything about leaving Yan Chen.

"Waihu, do you still hope to be with Yan Chen? Are you still hoping that he will come and find you?" Lan Yue asked.

Lan Waihu paused and did not speak.

Lan Yue sounded cold. "You are one of the members of the Blue Fox family. The ladies in the Blue Fox family are all n.o.ble. How can you be so unambitious? Are you going to forgive him simply because he apologizes to you?"

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