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All of them pulled out their weapons to attack. Without the order of Gu Canmo, they had formed into an array to fight with the enemy. Everyone was ready to battle! 

Di Fuyi stopped mid-way in the sky. He held his arms and looked at their array.

These days, everyone in Tianju Hall had been very vigilant. They never stopped practicing new skills and tactics. At this moment, they actually formed the array very efficiently. It took less than a minute for them to complete the array and the ambiance under the tree was murderous!

Once the array was formed, it could withstand 1,000 armies. It was the same array Tianju Hall used the last time when they defeated the attacks from various clans.

Gu Canmo slightly narrowed his eyes and looked at Di Fuyi in the sky. His eyes were full of anger and hatred.

Celestial Master was indeed very strong and powerful. However, if he were attacked by all the people from Tianju Hall, he would never be able to escape! Especially since he was alone. 

Was he coming to get killed? Or did he bring other people but they were hiding somewhere? He quickly glanced around, but there was nothing to hide behind. 

d.a.m.n it! He did not want to think too much anymore. It was rare to have him being alone so it was the best opportunity to catch him!

Gu Canmo waved to signal the array. Immediately, the eight elders flew up together with him and surrounded Di Fuyi from all directions. Once again, they formed a killing array and complemented the array the students formed below.

After they finished forming the array, Gu Canmo felt more confident to fight!

"Di Fuyi, you have a good life somewhere else but you chose to come to your personal h.e.l.l. This time, it's your own choice to come here to get killed. I will help the world to punish you!" The sword on Gu Canmo's hand almost touched Di Fuyi's nose.

Di Fuyi was not panicked at all. He stared at Gu Canmo and the eight elders. "It has been eight years since our last meet, but your spiritual power has not improved much."

Eight years ago, Gu Canmo and the rest were at level nine of spiritual power, and now they were still at level nine. Their spiritual power only improved by a little - probably from level 9.3 to level 9.5.

Gu Canmo grunted. "What do you mean by eight years? We just met each other one year ago. You asked me to conquer the world with you…"

Di Fuyi raised his eyebrows. "Old man, you have known me for so many years. Can't you differentiate which one is real or fake? Are you blind now?"

Gu Canmo was stunned. "What?!"

Di Fuyi leisurely said, "I have not shown up in this continent for eight years. The one who created the trouble out there is an imposter!"

The crowd was stunned!

"Nonsense!" Gu Canmo was startled for a few seconds then he angrily said, "Di Fuyi, don't try to fool me with all these rhetorics. Do you think I am an idiot? Are you trying to gain back your reputation this way?"

Di Fuyi played with his finger. "Are you not going to believe me regardless of what I say?"

"Of course! No one will believe you! Di Fuyi, regardless what you say we will never believe a single word from you!"

Di Fuyi lowered his face slightly and sighed. "I never knew that there would be a day that everyone hates me. Do you all always curse me?"

Gu Canmo did not want to hide his hatred anymore. "Of course! Everyone in the continent has cursed you and your ancestors of eighteen generations. As for me, it is normal for me to curse you eight times a day!"

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