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Wu Yan had possessed the so-called "Ye Hongfeng" before. She came from a family who dealt with witchcraft, so she was quite good at sorcery. When she was with Long Siye, she had used her spells together with a drug created by Long Fan to control Long Siye.

Mo Zhao gently laughed. "Wu Yan, are you trying to threaten me?"

She paused for a few seconds. "The information I have obtained is essential. It could help you to achieve what you want. However, I would like news about Long Siye in return."

"Wu Yan, how dare you!" Mo Zhao sounded cold.

"My Lord, I am risking my life for this mission. Regardless of whether you succeed or not, I don't think I will come back alive. However, Long Siye is my only concern…"

"He's fine! I will keep him alive as promised."

"I want to hear his voice."

"How dare you! Don't you believe me?"

"I believe you. However, my last wish is to hear Long Siye's voice." Wu Yan did not give up.

Mo Zhao was silent for a moment. "Well since you have been so loyal to me, I will let you listen to his voice." He then disappeared from the house without a trace. When he reappeared, he was already in a prison cell. Long Siye was sitting on the floor as there was a heavy spiritual lock on him. The spiritual lock prevented him from using his spiritual power.

He looked up when he heard a sound and saw a pair of sharp eyes that were staring at him. He immediately looked down again.

"Overlord Long, do you know who I am?"

Long Siye lowered his eyes slightly and completely ignored him.

Mo Zhao smiled as he opened his fan and fanned himself. "Have you forgotten about me? Do you remember that you healed me before in the past?"He laughed, but Long Siye continued to ignore him.

Mo Zhao sighed. He used his last efforts. "I will be marrying Xijiu in a few days. Are you going to congratulate me?"

Long Siye suddenly opened his eyes. "Did you force her to do it?" As he had been tortured for many days, his voice was dull but still relatively easy to hear.

Mo Zhao smiled. "How is that possible? I will never force people into things like this. I will make her marry me willingly."

"Don't dream about it!" Long Siye closed his eyes again. Based on his understanding, Gu Xijiu would not have fallen in love so easily with other people even if she had lost her memories of this world. It was simply nonsensical for him to ask Xijiu to marry him willingly.

Mo Zhao replied, "Dream? There is nothing that I cannot do. I will marry her in half a month at the latest. Since you had contributed a lot in this matter, I will invite you to our wedding."

"Are you going to use a drug on her?"

Mo Zhao laughed again. "I… This is not the extent of my capabilities…"

Long Siye clenched his fist. "If you like her, you should try to make her fall in love with you. Since you are such a powerful Lord, why do you need to use so many tricks?"

Mo Zhao stared at him. "Long Siye, you seem to care a lot about Gu Xijiu. However, don't you care about Ye Hongfeng?"

Long Siye sneered. "I do not care about her! She led me to make a big mistake! I regret that I am unable to kill her myself…"

Mo Zhao sighed. "Indeed she had used sorcery and drugs to control you. However, the drug only helped to magnify your bad thoughts. Didn't you want to kill Gu Xijiu so that you could resurrect her in the cloned body you created?"

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