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The silver-haired Lord would often accompany her and make her laugh. He was great with women and was very caring and considerate towards Gu Xijiu. The way he handled things was sporting and elegant. When he smiled, he could enlighten the people around him.

Other women were living in the underground palace. Some of them were martial arts experts. They were always envious and jealous whenever they saw the silver-haired Lord accompanying Gu Xijiu.

Due to their feelings of envy and jealousy, the ladies decided to become spies and started to monitor Gu Xijiu. Hence, regardless of where Gu Xijiu went, there would always be spies watching her. Whenever she acted strangely, they would report her to their master.

Gu Xijiu admired the silver-haired Lord because he had quietly schemed against her without doing anything.

Gu Xijiu had been looking for an exit all this time. The hundreds of people in this palace would need to eat and drink to survive, and so they would certainly have to go out to stock up on food and drinks. There must be a way to leave this place.

The silver-haired Lord had been hanging around her all the time. Whenever she stepped out from her room, she would stumble into him somewhere, and he would offer to walk around with her.

Gu Xijiu noticed that even if he were not around occasionally, there would be guards secretly following her around.

The silver-haired Lord was very patient. He did not mention to her about his plan to cooperate with her anymore. Instead, he decided to use another method of convincing her by following her around and befriending her.

His method was the same as Rong Che's. He was a very caring and considerate gentleman. If Gu Xijiu had not discovered his real ident.i.ty, she would have thought that he was a real gentleman.

It was stupid of her to think that all ancient people were dumb. Apparently, most of them were good at acting and pretending. If she were not cautious enough, she would have been fooled by them a long time ago!

There was surveillance everywhere. Gu Xijiu initially thought that they were being operated by a spiritual stone or some form of spiritual power. However, she accidentally walked into a hall one day and saw that there was a windmill in the middle of the hall. There was a lava pool underneath the windmill which was boiling, and the hot air helped to spin the windmill. 

Finally, Gu Xijiu understood that the power source in this palace was, in fact, being generated by the heat which was blowing the windmill!

She figured that this must have been one of Long Fan's ideas!

He had not wasted the knowledge he learned in the modern world. It was a terrible thing to have a such a scientist in her generation, especially one who was also a crazy biologist.

The palace was vast, so Gu Xijiu figured that there should be a couple of entrances and exits as well as vents around the area. Otherwise, the people living here would have suffocated to death.

Gu Xijiu felt that the underground palace was somehow similar to Di Fuyi's crystal palace. The main difference was that the crystal palace had been built underneath the deep sea while this underground palace had been built underneath lava.

There was a fireproof translucent wall on top of the palace, and Gu Xijiu had no idea what material was the wall made of. The palace was not hot and was even quite chilly in certain areas.

Gu Xijiu never expected that she would see Long Siye hanging on a wall. Yes, he was hanging on a wall. To be more precise, he had been handcuffed to a wall.

It was a very dark room, and Gu Xijiu saw him handcuffed to a wall when she had accidentally stumbled upon this room.

His hands and feet were buckled up with iron restraints. His head was tilted slightly downwards and his hair covered half of his face. He could not move at all.

The silver-haired Lord was smiling next to her and asked, "Xijiu, do you still recognize this person?"

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