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Her hair kept blowing into her face as she talked. She was annoyed and tore a small part of her dress to be used as a ribbon to tie a ponytail.

She was charming and looked as modern as how she used to look in her previous life. Apparently, her memory had stopped the moment she died on the operation table.

In fact, Long Fan was observing her in the other room outside the lab.

The 'luminous pearl' on the ceiling was, in fact, a CCTV and it could be controlled by using one's spiritual power. It was installed to monitor every single movement inside the crystal coffin including her facial expression.

He knew that she was a very experienced a.s.sa.s.sin and was also pretty good at acting. However, she did not seem to be acting when she first woke up as her reactions looked normal.

Of course, he still decided to send a mute slave to test her for his safety to determine what kind of Kung Fu she would use when she was in danger. She was only using the Kung Fu she had learned from the modern world and none from the current era.

After all, Long Fan was confident with his medicine formula. Coupled with a series of tests, he finally let out a sigh of relief as she had woken up without any memories of the current era just like what he wanted in the first place.

When he looked at her, it was as though he was looking at his best piece of artwork with satisfaction. "Xijiu, we are not acting. Long Xi killed you in the modern world, and I resurrected you. We're no longer living in that era…"

Gu Xijiu was confused and looked at him as though she was looking at a crazy man as she frowned. "Are you sure you didn't go crazy from doing too many experiments? What are you trying to say? Are you trying to tell me that both of us had traveled back in time and you're the one who made all of this happen?"

Long Fan knew it was difficult for her to believe him. Thus, he smiled and uttered, "Follow me."

He was walking ahead, and Gu Xijiu followed behind as she twitched her lips.

During their journey, she saw many warriors in ancient costumes with long hair.

She even stretched out her hand to pull their long hair to see if they were wearing a wig.

Long Fan smiled, but he remained silent.

Both of them pa.s.sed a very long tunnel which was semi-sphere in shape. The walls of the tunnel were made from semi-transparent green bricks which could withstand very high temperatures. A red liquid was flowing on top of the bricks.

Gu Xijiu glimpsed a few times at the walls silently. Was that lava? Was this place built in a lava cave?

"What do you want me to see?" Apparently, Gu Xijiu did not trust the man who looked exactly like Long Xi.

Long Fan smiled. "Don't worry. I have tried so hard to resurrect you; I'll never hurt you."

Long Fan brought her to a big hall with five different colors of crystal pillars located at the center.

"Xijiu, place your hand on every crystal."

Gu Xijiu remained still and looked at him as she twitched her lips again in skepticism.

Long Fan smiled. "Are you afraid that I've done something to the crystals? You overthink. I can attack you anytime based on your current level of Kung Fu, so, don't worry."

He shook his head slightly as Gu Xijiu did not move, and then walked toward the green crystal in front of him and placed his hand on it.

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