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"Rong Che's approach towards you might be the same idea as the person behind this entire incident. Since he likes you so it would be considered as killing two birds with one stone."

Gu Xijiu remained silent. In fact, she could feel that there was a big net surrounding her, but she just could not see it. Now that she had listened to Di Fuyi's a.n.a.lysis, she started to connect the dots. She tried to recall all those moments when she was with Rong Che and compared it with what Di Fuyi had said. She had a strong feeling that he was right.

It seemed like Rong Che had always set things up revolving around her, but she always interrupted his plans unintentionally… Was he the real culprit behind everything or was it Long Fan? Were they in some form of partnership or was it a superior-subordinate relationship?

Based on what he had said to Rong Jialuo, it seemed like getting the throne was not his ultimate goal. What was his ultimate goal? Was it to take over the position of The Lord or the Overlord and to dominate the world?

Gu Xijiu looked at the little kid beside her. Although this guy had a cute and innocent face, his knowledge and counsel were much better than anyone she had ever met. He had all the strategies planned even if he was a thousand miles away. Since she had such a smart guy by her side, she was too lazy to think and constantly threw her questions over to him for answers.

Di Fuyi had a.n.a.lyzed the problem for her and finally concluded that the opponent had only one goal, "If he is the person behind all this, his ultimate goal is to become The Lord. If not, his goal is to dominate you as well as the rest of the world!"

Gu Xijiu raised her eyebrow, "Me?"

Di Fuyi chuckled, "Every man loves a beautiful lady, not to mention that you are far stronger than any other beautiful lady, so it is not surprising that you are one of his targets. He wants to own both a beautiful lady and the world."

Gu Xijiu felt proud, "I only realized now that I was so valuable." She then looked at him, "Since so many people like me and are targeting to obtain me, why are you not getting jealous and are still able to a.n.a.lyze the situation so clearly and logically?"

Di Fuyi pulled her over to him. Both of them were now lying on the bed, "I don't have to be jealous because I know that they would never be able to steal you away from me. They are not as good as me, so it is just waste of effort if they tried."

He was so confident of himself! But what he said was true. Deep inside Gu Xijiu's heart, regardless of who Di Fuyi was, he was always the best.

Before she had fallen in love with him, her only dream was to travel around the world. However, after she fell in love with him, she would feel happy and satisfied as long as she was beside him.

She was cold-tempered and did not like to smile much. When she was hanging around with Lan Waihu and the gang, they always treated her as their leader and respected her.

But when she hung around with him, she always felt relaxed and was usually in a good mood. However, she still did not feel comfortable this time. She was silent for a long while before she suddenly looked over at Di Fuyi and asked, "You should be doing more than that, shouldn't you? There must be more to the arrangement."

Di Fuyi honestly told her, "Of course…" Then he told her the rest of the arrangement.

Gu Xijiu looked at him for a long time, "The oldest gingers are always the spiciest. You are an old fox!"

His arrangement was too cruel. It seemed like Rong Che was going to suffer or even lose his life in this battle. Di Fuyi narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at her, "Old fox?" Then he raised his hand and pointed at himself, "Have you ever seen such a cute old fox?"

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