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This medicine was needed by Long Siye to heal the strange sickness of Di Fuyi, so Gu Xijiu was very focused on refining it. She had not left the room for the entire day. She even needed Di Fuyi to send her meals to her personally. They had separated and are currently staying in two different guestrooms as they did not want to be suspected by Long Siye.

Gu Xijiu's skill of refining medicine was taught to her by the Firmament Stone. She also had some knowledge of modern-day medicine. Although Di Fuyi was also a master in refining medicine, he did not know anything about modern-day medicines which gave Gu Xijiu an advantage. Besides, he was currently hiding his true ident.i.ty so he could not reveal his high-end skills of refining medicine. Therefore, the job of refining the medicine was a.s.signed to Gu Xijiu.

Long Siye had a funny temper. He just wanted to teach the refining skill to Gu Xijiu and did not allow her to share it with anyone else. He even sent a helper to aid Gu Xijiu, but in fact, he also wanted to prevent Di Fuyi from secretly learning his method…

Di Fuyi was unhappy with Long Siye's arrangement. This made Gu Xijiu uncomfortable, so she pulled him to a corner and tried to comfort him. Finally, Di Fuyi agreed to his arrangement and went to stay in another room.

Di Fuyi was a prideful person so he would never steal other peoples knowledge. Therefore, other than sending Gu Xijiu's meals to her, he never stepped into her room.

After one day, Gu Xijiu had finally finished refining the medicine. She was relieved and went to Di Fuyi's room to look for him. She wanted to know how well he was recovering.

Di Fuyi sat on the bed, but he was not meditating. He was looking at the jade in his hand. When he saw Gu Xijiu, he asked her to come over.

Gu Xijiu looked at the jade in his hand and then looked at him, "This jade looks like the one which was pa.s.sed down from The Lord…"

Di Fuyi chuckled, "Of course, I am The Lord. Hence, my jade would look the same as The Lord's jade."

Gu Xijiu was stunned. She had only guessed that Di Fuyi was in fact, The Lord. However, she was never sure about it until now... was he admitting it to her by himself?

She frowned and looked at him but did not speak.

Di Fuyi pulled her to his side, "I thought you already knew about it. Do you still need me to explain?"

Gu Xijiu snorted, "What do you think?" Did it not cross his mind that he owed her an explanation?

Di Fuyi sighed, "This… In fact, The Lord is just a t.i.tle. It represents somebody's ident.i.ty. It is just like the Emperor and does not just refer to only one person. While it undeniably looks glorious to have this ident.i.ty, there are too many constraints to be in this position. Thus, I prefer to be just Di Fuyi and act freely in this world so that I will not feel bored."

Gu Xijiu did not agree, "The Lord is just an ident.i.ty? This ident.i.ty belongs only to you. Anyone can be an emperor, but only you can be The Lord."

Di Fuyi jokingly said, "No, if you're in my position, you will be called as The Lord too."

Gu Xijiu thought that it was a joke and did not take it seriously.

Suddenly she recalled something, "I heard that the real name of The Lord is Huang Tu. So, which one is your real name?"

"A name is just a calling for humans. Regardless of whether my name is Huang Tu or Di Fuyi, I am still me. No matter what you call me, it would be no different. Di Fuyi is the name I go by when I am living on the continent. After so many years I have almost forgotten my original name…"

It was rare for him to appear in the continent with the ident.i.ty of The Lord Huang Tu. He had only used that t.i.tle once or twice after so many years.

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