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Ye Hongfeng's face turned pale, and she ran away with a pair of teary eyes.

Long Siye turned around and looked at Gu Xijiu, "Xijiu, she's not good at talking. Don't take it too personally."

Gu Xijiu smiled, "Sure." Why would she care about such unimportant matter?

Long Siye looked at her for a while, "That is so kind of you!" He then left the room.

Gu Xijiu paused for a second and pondered as he seemed to be upset, but why? Since they were going to observe Rong Jialuo's condition throughout the night, everyone decided to stay overnight at the hotel.

There was a light fragrance coming from the soft and comfy quilt, and the furniture smelled like rosin. They were inside one of the hotel's premium suites. There was a bed with a quilt in every single room.

Di Fuyi looked at the bed and then looked at Gu Xijiu who was already lying on the bed, "Are you sure you want to stay in the same room with me?"

Gu Xijiu yawned and said, "Yes, yes. You've asked for the tenth time now. Alright, let's go to sleep. I'm exhausted."

Di Fuyi looked at her as he sat at the edge of the bed, "Xijiu, though I look like a kid, I'm in fact a grown-up adult. It's not appropriate for a man and a lady to stay in the same room overnight, right?"

Honestly, he was annoyed. Although he wanted to spend time with her, he was now Ying Yannuo. She probably did not know his true ident.i.ty but wanted to stay with him in the same room... Had she forgotten about their engagement? She was Di Fuyi's fiancee now! How could she be so close to another man?! She seemed to be too open-minded!

When Rong Che helped to arrange the rooms, he had thought that Gu Xijiu would request for another room. Surprisingly, she had requested to stay with him in the same room. He was shocked, and even Rong Che and Long Siye were surprised.

Gu Xijiu was a very decisive person. Hence, nothing could get her to change her decision once she had made up her mind. Therefore, the little boy had to stay with Gu Xijiu in the same room.

Di Fuyi was in a dilemma as he wanted to be together with her so that he could occasionally take advantage of her but he did not want her to be close to other men except the real Di Fuyi.

Gu Xijiu narrowed her eyes and looked at his kiddy face, "Why not? Besides, I'm sleeping on the deck chair, and you're sleeping on the bed, so there is nothing wrong."

Di Fuyi looked at her, "Aren't you afraid that I would do something to you?"

Gu Xijiu looked at him from head to toes, "What can you do to me with that physique of yours?"

He was just eight or nine years old and had yet to have his p.u.b.erty! Besides that, his voice sounded like a kid, and he would not be able to do anything even if he wanted.

Di Fuyi frowned, "Why do I feel like you're trying to tease me?" He drew closer to her, "Do you really think I can't do anything you ?" His voice sounded dangerous, and though he was pet.i.te in size, his aura was strong.

Usually, everyone, as well as his subordinates, would quickly kneel in front of him when he had such a strong aura. However, Gu Xijiu was not bothered about it and even pushed his little face, "Alright, alright. Stop playing, let's go to sleep."

Di Fuyi was speechless. She was too careless when it came to men!

Di Fuyi blinked his eyes and wanted to kiss her red lips! However, she caught his lips with her fingers as she had foreseen that it would happen.

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