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She sounded like she was challenging Gu Xijiu. Gu Xijiu was upset and immediately glared at Ye Hongfeng, "It's very common that everyone has different strengths. I look up to Overlord Long's medical expertise, and I'm way too weak in many aspects as compared to him. However, I'm much better than him when it comes to dealing with venoms! Besides that, as a physician, our mission and vision are to save lives. Therefore, whoever that was capable should contribute generously instead of arguing at a critical time such as this and allow the patient to continue to suffer! Ye Hongfeng, this is a principle that your master practices. I hope you'll remember it!"

Initially, Gu Xijiu did not want to interact too much with Ye Hongfeng. After all, she did not feel comfortable due to her prior experience with Ye Hongfeng from her previous life. However, she could not take it when Ye Hongfeng tried to challenge her at such a critical time!

Ye Hongfeng was speechless!

She looked at Long Siye, but he refused to look at her. Instead, he gazed strangely at Gu Xijiu and remained silent. Gu Xijiu did not want to bother about them and went straight to check Rong Jialuo's injuries...

Rong Jialuo was also her friend, and she would try her best even though there was only a one percent chance that she would succeed!

She also checked his pulse and heartbeat and realized that it was similar to what Long Siye had said. There was no sign of a heartbeat.

She then looked at his eyeb.a.l.l.s and realized that they were covered with many blood capillaries and she could no longer differentiate the pupil and the sclera anymore. If Gu Xijiu had not noticed the dried stain of tears at the end of his eyes, she would have thought that he had turned into a zombie completely!

He had not stopped making the 'he he' sound, and the frequency of the sound he made became higher, and his voice was louder when Gu Xijiu proceeded to check on him.

"Your Highness, I'm Gu Xijiu, do you still remember me?" Gu Xijiu suddenly spoke to him. She used her spiritual power and her voice was transmitted straight into his eardrums.

Rong Jialuo was still making the same sound, and nothing changed.

"Your Highness, you told me you hope I can be your friend. I always considered you as my friend, and I'm trying to save you now. You told me you wanted me to call you by your name as it makes our friendship closer. I'll call your name now, Rong Jialuo, Jialuo, Jialuo… Could you please blink your eyes if you hear me?"

"He he! Hng! He he he…" Suddenly, there was a slight change in his voice.

Hei Hu, who was watching him, screamed suddenly, "His Highness' lips are trembling! He seems like he wants to say something!"

Everyone in the house immediately looked at Rong Jialuo's lips and realized that they were indeed trembling! Since he became a zombie, his mouth had never opened unless he bit people. However, his lips were now trembling and moving as though he had something to say, but could not say it.

"Jialuo, I know you can hear us, but you just can't control your body, right? If I'm correct, could you bite three times?" Gu Xijiu tried patiently.

Rong Jialuo's lips were trembling vigorously, but he slightly opened his mouth which was tightly closed and bit three times.

Although it was very difficult for him to do it, he made it!

He was conscious!

And he could hear them!

Hei Hu immediately burst out into tears!

"Your Highness! Your Highness, I knew you're still alive! You're still here! Thank goodness! Thank you so much, My Lord! Thank you for your blessings, G.o.ddess Kuan Yin!"

His face was covered in tears of joys as he immediately knelt down to thank G.o.d and The Lord.

Everyone in the continent prays to The Lord as though he was their G.o.d and they also often mentioned 'Lord Blessed' which was similar to 'G.o.d Blessed' often heard in the modern era.

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