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Mu Lei looked at him sympathetically, "Have you been playing around too much with the ladies while you were inside the Fantian Palace? How can you burn so badly just by igniting a fire? Sigh, you have to be more well behaved. Otherwise, you may get worse sooner or later." Then he shook his head and entered the cabin.

Mu Yun felt like he wanted to cry. His face was burnt and could not be cleaned in a short time. Usually, he liked to put down his hair because he thought he looked more charming that way. However, his hair had been burnt and was now very short. Perhaps he should tie them up now. But he did not have any hair to tie…

He used his teeth to tear off a corner of his clothes. When he was about to tie up his hair, the wind blew again, and he heard a person land beside him.

Mu Yun numbly looked up and talked to Mu Dian who looked hesitated, "I did not climb into someone's chimney! I went down to put the fire! I just did not expect that the swamp would be exploded and I did not have time to escape from it…"

Mu Dian paused. He gulped and said, "Mu Yun, in fact, I just want to ask why you tied up your hair? I thought that you would never tie up your hair."

Mu Yun was speechless.

Mu Yun thought that he must be the most pity person in the world because the other three messengers were not surprised when they met The Lord. They all calmly reported the result of their tasks.

Mu Dian was able to track Elder Long to a village about a hundred miles away from here. If there was nothing unexpected happened, it was his meetup venue.

Mu Feng finally had gotten the herb that was needed by The Lord. He had handed it over to him.

Mu Lei had reported the situation here to Headmaster Gu. Headmaster Gu, Hua Wuyan, Qian Yueran, Tian Jiyue and the rest had arrived and were not ambushed around everywhere. They were now paying close attention to the movement of the two fierce beasts and the young lady who rode on a dragon. Once Mu Lei gave the order they would start action… Therefore Mu Lei was now waiting for the signal from The Lord to start the action.

Di Fuyi looked outside for a moment. Even he was now far away, he had very good eyesight. He was able to see that the young lady who rode on the dragon was now being chased by the two beasts… He lightly smiled, "Since she is the fairy sent from the upper world, she must be skillful enough to settle the beasts. We have to give her the opportunity to show off her skill, right? If she really can't settle them then only we start action to help her."

Although Di Fuyi had lost most of his spiritual power, he was still very observant, and he was also very knowledgeable. Based on his observation, he could roughly guess how good the young lady was. At most she could deal with the two beasts for another 300 movements. After 300 movements she would be defeated. By the time only Gu Canmo and the rest start the action, and they could eliminate the two beasts.

When he received the report from Mu Dian, he knew that this was the rendezvous place of Elder Long and there were thousands of zombies over here. Therefore he quickly arranged helpers to come over to a.s.sist. Once Gu Xijiu they all escaped from the wizardry barrier, they could destroy this place and eliminate the zombies together with the Elder Long. However, he never expected that there was a young lady who rode on dragon came out from nowhere…

This young lady did not help but made things even worse. Not only had she cause trouble for Gu Xijiu but she had also forced Di Fuyi to use his spiritual power to attract the zombies to the swamp and ultimately became a kid. She was the cause that made him change his plan… So he decided to teach this young lady a big lesson!

Everything was well prepared here, and Di Fuyi planned to leave.

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