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She was in a hurry and decided to cut her palm. The blood began to drip, and the smell finally attracted the zombies to chase after her again... However, there was limited amount blood, and her wound started to coagulate after she had run for a few minutes. Thus, the zombies eventually stopped chasing her again.

She frowned and just as she was about to cut herself again, someone appeared in front of her and held her wrist. She raised her head and saw Ying Yannuo. He looked helpless, "I knew you wouldn't listen to me! I should've put you to sleep in the carriage!"

He was running and holding her hand at the same as he talked, and soon the zombies behind them had combined to form a bigger group now...

His warm palm held onto her wrist as they ran. Gu Xijiu peeked at him and somehow felt that he looked similar to Si Chen...

She shook her head vigorously so that she could get the thoughts out of her head. She had been tested him several times, and she was sure that he was not Di Fuyi. It was indeed unnecessary for her to continue suspecting him.

She seriously did not want to become crazy!

Yan Chen and Le Qingxing finally caught up with them, and the four groups of zombies had finally gathered together and were moving in the direction of the black swamp which was located northwest.

During their journey, Ying Yannuo quickly told Gu Xijiu about his plan. The area of the black swamp was huge, and there was a suction force beneath it. Hence, the zombies would sink to the bottom of the swamp once they had jumped into it...

Of course, the person who wanted to lure the zombies into the swamp had to enter the swamp as well. Otherwise, the zombies would not jump into the swamp.

It was not necessary for the four of them to become the bait. Hence, Gu Xijiu would make her exit with the other two when they were almost at the black swamp, and Ying Yannuo would be the bait to lure the zombies into the swamp...

Of course, it was very risky for the person who acted as the bait. Yan Chen disagreed with the proposal, "No way! Let me be the bait!" He was the eldest and most powerful among the four of them, so how could he let Ying Yannuo bear all the risk as he was the youngest and weakest in the group?

Ying Yannuo disagreed, "No! Little Fox is waiting for you. You can't take the risk!"

Le Qingxing wanted to speak, but she was interrupted by Ying Yannuo, "Your sister can't go on without you as well!"

Gu Xijiu frowned, "We must take good care of ourselves. Ying Yannuo, be sure to return alive!"

Ying Yannuo took a glimpse at Gu Xijiu, "Are you worried about me?"

Gu Xijiu was annoyed, "All of us care about you! We're a team now!"

Ying Yannuo looked at her again and said gently, "Alright, I'll be fine. Don't worry. I'm familiar with the landscape here, so I'll be alright. Xijiu, there's a small hill about five kilometers that away. Could you wait for me over there? I'll catch up with you after I have lured them into the swamp."

The three of them wanted to say something but Ying Yannuo was kind of upset, "Enough, just follow my plan!"

Though he was young, his aura was unbeatable, so no one dared to say another word. Soon enough, they could smell the awful scent lingering in the air. Apparently, they were close to the swamp...

"Xijiu, bring Le Qingxing to safety first and then come back to bring Yan Chen!" Ying Yannuo quickly instructed.

Gu Xijiu knew nothing would change his mind at the moment. Hence, she immediately nodded, "Sure!" and disappeared with Le Qingxing after pulling her sleeve.

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