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The green-robed man frowned, "So what now?"

Elder Long looked chilled, "Stop releasing the immortal puppets and wait!"

"What are we waiting for?"

Elder Long said coldly, "They can't escape from here. In due time, they would run out of energy due to a shortage of food and water. We'll catch all of them then!"

These kids had not acquired the Grain Dispel Magic, so they still needed to eat and drink to sustain their life. Furthermore, they did not bring a lot of dried food with them. Hence, they would run out of food and water in probably another three days. Coupled with the exhaustion from being trapped in here for ten days without food, the fate of their lives would soon fall into our hands.

His gaze went back to Gu Xijiu who reappeared at the square. She had finally gathered with her buddies, as well as Ying Yannuo.

All of her buddies seemed relieved that she had returned. Yan Chen asked her if she found anything, but Gu Xijiu shook her head, "The snowstorm is very strong, so you probably saw a shadow or something. I've scouted around but didn't see any more zombies appearing from anywhere…"

Yan Chen wanted to ask something, but Gu Xijiu continued, "However, this place is kinda weird. I've noticed some Yin Yang mirrors in several areas. I guess it was supposed to create illusions so that it's victims think the snowstorm was strong. Thus, I've done something to the mirrors."

"Yin Yang mirrors?"

"What did you do?" Everyone continued asking,

Gu Xijiu curved her lips as though she had achieved something. Little a.s.sh*le, Elder Long's heart skipped a beat as knew something was wrong!

"I can eradicate the mirrors! After that, all the snowstorm and illusions should be gone!" Gu Xijiu raised her hand, and something flashed in her palm.

"Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Several explosions were heard from different directions in the town. This was followed by multiple yellowish smoke pillars rising as they break through the soil...

Everyone was speechless. Meanwhile, Elder Long who was hidden in the underground palace clenched his fists!

He watched as most of the screens in the underground palace started to blackout!

He could no longer monitor their movements! Apparently, the little girl had noticed the hidden 'CCTVs' while she was scouting around. Thus, she decided to install time bombs beside them.

d.a.m.n it! He had forgotten that the little girl was a professional a.s.sa.s.sin in the modern world. She was also an outstanding military genius and was able to make flammable chemicals by herself!

Theoretically, as long as she knew the steps to make the bombs, it was easy to make it in the ancient world. However, it was difficult to make high quality dynamites here due to the absence of equipment and materials.

However, this was an era where spiritual power existed, which meant that she could collect different elements from the air to produce high quality dynamites. She could even produce high quality and powerful military weapons if she could master the concepts...

The green-robed man punched the dashboard, "We've underestimated the little girl! Elder Long, shall we release the 'Immortal King' to kill all of them?"

Elder Long coldly replied, "No!"

They could not release the 'Immortal King' at this moment as they were unable to determine the situation outside. How was he going to summon it back once it was released? Their subordinates would be severely injured and may even die if the 'Immortal King' hid somewhere and started to attack them.

Their only solution now was to either kill all of the outsiders or release them, so that everything would return to its normal condition and he would have a chance to re-install all the 'CCTVs' again. However, it was not easy to kill all of them in such a short time....

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