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The white-robed man looked at the pile of blood beside the pool. He frowned and waved his sleeve. Immediately, the poolside became as clean as before, and there was no sign of blood stains.

He looked up at the sky. From his position, he had a clear view of the sky through the window which was located on the ceiling in the middle of the hall. His eyes were fixated on a big star that was shining brightly. After staring at it for some time, he made a hand gesture as if he was pulling the star towards him and said, "You have been at the top long enough. It's time to replace you with someone else!" Then he looked at the starry sky and frowned slightly.

As there were too many stars in the sky, he could not identify all of them. Thus, he had no idea which one belonged to Celestial Master Zuo…

Where was he hiding?

Gu Xijiu woke up from her bed the very next day. She sat up and shook her head. She had been drunk several times in the past and knew that she would suffer a severe headache or hangover when she woke up. However, even though she had drunk a lot this time around, her mind was clear when she woke up, and she did not suffer from a severe headache.

She sat on the bed and recalled the scene that took place last night in her mind. She was drinking by herself and later on Ying Yannuo showed up to drink with her…

She knocked her head with her hands and tried very hard to recall. However, she could not remember anything that happened after that…

It was not easy for her to get drunk. However, when she did, it was quite common for her to forget the events that took place after she was drunk. She decided not to bother so much about it.

She looked at the bracelet that was on her wrist and sighed.

She raised her hand and gently held the bracelet to her face to feel its temperature.

Di Fuyi used to tell her that if he ever got into an accident, this bracelet would break. She did not believe him at first. Later on, she asked the Firmament Stone, and it explained to her the function of the bracelet. The bracelet's function was described in the same way as what Di Fuyi had told her, and it was only then that she wholeheartedly believed him.

This bracelet was now in good condition, which indicated that Di Fuyi was safe too. However, she did not know the reason as to why he had not shown up yet.

This man had his way of doing things and rarely cared about other people's feelings…

She somewhat understood him but was uncomfortable with the fact that he had refused to show up even after so long. She does not expect him to reveal to her all of his secrets, but he should have at least sent someone to inform her that he was alright… But he had not even done that...

Gu Xijiu frowned slightly and decided not to think about it anymore.

She had a lot of work to do and did not have the time to be sad or to think about such nonsense.

She jumped out of her bed. There was a mission tomorrow that she needed to prepare for...

Inside the palace of Feixing Kingdom, Emperor Xuan was wandering the hall impatiently.

After some time, a guard showed up with a memorandum for him, "Your Majesty, we have brought you some news from the Crown Prince!"

Emperor Xuan grabbed it from him and immediately opened the letter to read it. After a while, he tore the paper into several pieces and snarled, "Why has he not taken over Tianxing Border yet?! I thought we had a secret weapon? Stupid! Idiot!"

The guard quickly looked down and was afraid to speak. Recently, the temper of Emperor Xuan had gotten worse, and he often threw a tantrum. The guard did not dare to anger him further.

"Go away!" Emperor Xuan waved and ordered the guard to leave.

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