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Therefore Gu Xijiu also drank a lot.

Both of them were sitting on the tree drinking happily. It did not take long before Gu Xijiu was drunk and she carelessly fell from the tree!

"Poooof!" She thought that she had fallen into the snow, but in fact, she had sunk into someone's arms.

There was light aroma lingering around her nose. The drunken Gu Xijiu seemed to have caught a familiar scent. She opened her eyes slightly and saw something purple in front of her. Gu Xijiu's heartbeat was fast as she blurted out a name, "Di Fuyi!"

The hands that were holding her stiffen as a calm and cheerful voice sounded in her ear, "Do I look like him?"

Gu Xijiu desperately tried to get herself to focus as she wanted to see the face of the person who was hugging her. However, she had drunk too much earlier, and her vision was blurry. Hence, she saw as if there were two or three faces in front of her.

She reached out her little hand as if she wanted to stop the faces in front of her from moving, "Don't… Don't shake. I am getting dizzy…"

The man had been holding onto her the entire time they were walking. It was at this moment that he stopped walking and looked at her. He could see that her face was flushed and he asked her, "How are you feeling?"

Gu Xijiu seized the moment and quickly rubbed her face against his. Suddenly, she became conscious and saw his face. She was disappointed and slowly dropped her hand before saying, "You are not him…"

She suddenly struggled and wanted to get out of his arms. However, because she had drunk a lot earlier, she felt tipsy when the wind blew against her. She could not steady herself and almost fell again, but fortunately, someone had caught her on time.

Even though Gu Xijiu felt as if the world was spinning, she wanted to brush off the hands that were holding onto her, "Let me walk… by myself…"

She used a significant amount of strength to push against him. However, she was unable to force him away, and instead, she fell backward and sat on the snowy ground.

The snow was so soft that she felt as though she was on a bed. She leaned back to lie down on the snow and waved "I am drunk, and I want to sleep." She closed her eyes and fell asleep…

Ying Yannuo got a headache. He immediately got her up from the snow and held her waist, "Stupid, do you want to turn into an iced corpse?"

Then he started dusting away the snow that was on her body. He was worried that Gu Xijiu would catch a cold, so he placed his palm on her lower back. He released a warm aura which flowed from his palm towards her lower back and through her entire body.

While he was busy keeping her warm, she suddenly turned and wrapped her arms his waist. She put her head on his chest and whispered, "Di Fuyi, I miss you… Do you still want me? Why aren't you keeping your promise to me?"

Ying Yannuo felt as though his chest was getting warmer. He stood still and held her tightly. He looked down at her for a moment before he kissed her forehead and whispered something.

As the wind was roaring and Gu Xijiu was drunk, she could not hear what he had whispered clearly. Subconsciously she held his waist even more tightly as she seemed to have caught the familiar scent again. She did not want to let go of him and finally fell asleep.

Meanwhile, somewhere inside a hall.

Someone was taking a bubble bath inside a spa pool which had been built at the center of the building. The way this person bathed was somewhat mysterious. He was wearing a white robe and also wore a mask on his face. It seemed as though he was meditating and taking his bath at the same time. A man wearing green clothes was standing beside the pool and was reporting to him, "My Lord, everything is going according to plan, and no one seems to have caught on to us yet..."

The white-robed man nodded slightly, "What about Di Fuyi? Do you have any news on him?"

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