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Long Siye had yet to show up since he last left the letter for Gu Canmo. She heard that he had recruited a new disciple named Ye Hongfeng and needed to spend more time teaching her, hence, he would not be able to give lectures at Tianju Hall anymore.

Gu Xijiu was stunned when she heard the news. She did not feel disappointed but was somewhat surprised when she received the news...

She tried to search for more information as she was unsure whether the current Ye Hongfeng was the one she knew in the modern world.

After searching for some time, she finally got hold some reliable information. The current Ye Hongfeng looked rather similar to herself, and she was resurrected from the ice coffin...

Gu Xijiu finally understood. Long Siye had resurrected the lady in the ice coffin. He had always wanted to resurrect Ye Hongfeng, and there was no doubt that the soul he had summoned into the lady was none other than Ye Hongfeng...

She felt that the journey of time traveling was somewhat mysterious. Coincidentally, so many of them had traveled to the same time zone from the modern world!

Long Xi, the mad scientist, and even herself. Now, another Ye Hongfeng had shown up. Did the G.o.d of Death carry out his duties properly?

She could not help but to take out a mirror and looked at the reflection of herself.

Her current features were quite similar to the one she possessed when she was in the modern world, especially her personalities.

She was a beauty in both the modern world and the ancient world. However, she now had fairer skin, a more prominent pair of eyes and softer lips.

There was a saying that a person's appearance changes based on their personalities. Even a set of twins would eventually look different as their features would slowly start to vary based on their personalities; hence, people around them could easily tell the difference between them.

The same could be said for both Gu Xijiu and Ye Hongfeng in the modern world. Both of their features looked the same as Gu Xijiu was the clone of Ye Hongfeng, however, their demeanor was completely different.

Ye Hongfeng was a well pampered young lady from a rich family. She was naive and arrogant, and all her actions were that of a little princess.

On the other hand, Gu Xijiu was a brave a.s.sa.s.sin who was cold, smart, decisive and moved elegantly. Her aura was so intense that she was able to put all her subordinates on edge with a single glare... Thus, during the heart transplant, it was easy to recognize them even though they had been placed side by side.

Gu Xijiu had seen Ye Hongfeng before, though it was only for a brief moment. She overheard Long Xi mentioning something about a clone and fiance. The next thing she knew, she had been drugged and had woken up on the operation table... Therefore, she did not know much about Ye Hongfeng or her personalities.

Ever since she was resurrected here, she had hated the lies that came from Long Xi instead of Ye Hongfeng. Long Siye did not talk much about Ye Hongfang and only mentions about her once in a while. Thus, Gu Xijiu did not know much about her and decided that she was not interested in asking about her as well.

When she heard that Long Siye had recruited Ye Hongfeng as his disciple and intended to train her properly, she was happy for him. She knew that she was not able to offer him anything in this life and would have been happy if Long Siye could find someone he loved. At least she would not feel that bad for hurting him. Perhaps, the best ending would be having the both of them live happily together.

Even if she did not love Long Siye, she still considered him as a best friend and was willing to risk her life for him. Therefore, she hoped that Long Siye could get over their past and smile at her when they meet again someday.

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