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She gazed fixedly for a brief moment. The biggest star at the center caught her attention. The star shimmered in seven-color rays, flickering brightly in the night sky; not even the moon could mask its great brilliance. The star had its own orbit. Other existing stars in the sky, be it bright or dull, all had their orbits fixed around it. It was as though the sun in the solar system with other stars surrounding it like planets.

Gu Xijiu could not get her eyes off it. Di Fuyi followed her gaze and looked up to the sky. He was moved, "What do you see?"

"What is that star? I do not know any of these stars…" It was the first time for her to look at such a star chart.

"What stars do you know?"

"Venus, Sirius, Vega…" Gu Xijiu named a few of the brightest stars of different seasons. She turned her gaze back to the seven-colored star, "But that star is not from any of them."

Di Fuyi smiled a little, "It seems like you know quite a lot of stars, but the star chart that you are seeing here is not the one that you always see. Hmm, the stars here could be the star chart that represents the world, with every star representing each and every specific person."

Gu Xijiu shook her head, "It is a myth and may not be entirely true. The legend says that there is a moon G.o.ddess who resides on the moon, but the truth proves that there are only craters, formed by the impact of falling meteorite. Its gravity is only one-sixth of the earth's gravitational pull. It has a terribly desolate visage with no water, no trees and not even air. It is not habitable at all…"

Di Fuyi gently stroked her hair, "I have told you, that it is not the regular star chart. Hmm, tell me, if every star that exists on the chart represents a person, who would the biggest and brightest star represent?"

"The Lord!" Gu Xijiu answered without even thinking twice. She turned to look at Di Fuyi.

Di Fuyi was pleased, "Smart!"

Gu Xijiu looked at him again, "It has a name, right?"

"Star of King."

The star was as though a king enthroned in the hearts of its subjects among the surrounding stars.

"The world has so many inhabitants, as numerous as the sand. If every star represents a person, the number of stars here may not even be enough."

"Silly, not all of them can make it to the chart, only those who have the impact to change the world." Di Fuyi patiently shared the knowledge with her.

Gu Xijiu was in high spirits as she continued to look at other stars. She could not hold back her question. "Are there any stars that represent me on the chart?" She felt a little silly after asking the question, as Di Fuyi had just told her that only people who were impactful enough could make it to the chart. She was only a student with no apparent achievements and recognition. She should not be here.

"There is." Di Fuyi answered briefly.

Taken by surprise, Gu Xijiu frowned, "Which one of it?"

"Look for it yourself." Di Fuyi embraced her with his hand on her shoulder, "Show me your observation."

Gu Xijiu was speechless. How could she find it?

There were so many stars in the sky and she was not even well-known yet. How could she find her own star according to its brightness?

However, there must be a reason for him to say so.

Could it be that every person had the ability to sense his or her own star?

Di Fuyi did not interrupt her, as the stars had occupied his attention as well.

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