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Qian Lingyu was speechless.

Gu Xijiu tried to help, "Lingyu, we are both cla.s.smates. Both you and Waihu can have lunch with me anytime without needing to ask for anyone's permission."

Qian Lingyu was happy. It was true. Gu Xijiu was not the spouse of Di Fuyi and had the absolute freedom to dine with anyone she pleased. It was normal for her to dine with her cla.s.smates.

Even if Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu were engaged, he had no right to stop her from socializing with her cla.s.smates…

He cursed himself for being dumb enough to have fallen into Di Fuyi's trap and started to feel angry. However, he had already paid his share of spiritual stones and was reluctant to ask for a refund, so he decided to eat to his heart's content!

He picked up his chopsticks and was about to start eating when Di Fuyi said slowly, "The 5,000 spiritual stones you paid are only enough to pay for three mouthfuls of a dish. You will be charged extra if you eat more than that."

Qian Lingyu was furious, "Are these dishes made out of dragon and phoenix meat? Why are they so expensive?"

"The dishes are made out of something even more precious than dragon or phoenix meat. The cost of each dish is so expensive that the 5,000 spiritual stones that you paid were only enough to pay for the cooking charges. Even if you borrow all the spiritual stones that your cla.s.smates possessed, it will still not have been sufficient enough to pay for a single dish. Are you sure you want to eat?"

Qian Lingyu remained silent.

In the end, he only ate one mouthful of food and was rather angry with himself when he left the cafeteria as he had boldly announced that he had wanted to buy them a meal. If the money he paid was only sufficient for three mouthfuls, he definitely could have afforded to pay for their entire meal.

After seeing the experience Qian Lingyu had with Di Fuyi, no one dared to socialize with Gu Xijiu anymore. Everyone kept their distance from them as they were afraid of being humiliated by Di Fuyi! Therefore, Di Fuyi had an enjoyable dining experience.

Gu Xijiu ate a portion of every dish and felt that every bite she took cost 2,000 spiritual stones. Part of her thought that she was eating on behalf of Qian Lingyu. However, she did not know what she had eaten. Every dish tasted unique and were dishes that she had never eaten before.

She tried to ask Di Fuyi. He smiled and patted her shoulder, "You don't have to know what these dishes are as you will never be able to replicate them. Just know that these dishes are very beneficial to your physique and they will help you to digest the Blue Phoenix's meat…"

Now only she knew that his true intention of preparing these dishes was not merely to provide her with a simple treat but to improve her physical fitness. It was probably the reason why he did not want to let Qian Lingyu and Lan Waihu dine together…

Gu Xijiu felt touched and looked away "Actually, you do not have to be so good to me…"

Di Fuyi leaned slightly towards her, "Are you touched?"

Gu Xijiu did not reply. Indeed, she was touched. No one had ever pampered her the way he did and been so kind to her before for as long as she could remember.

In the past, Long Xi had never pampered her before and was always cold towards her. Although he took care of her a lot, Gu Xijiu was the one who usually showed her love for him most of the time. She would cook for him or help him to his wash hand, as contrast, Long Xi had never done anything for her.

He was not the same as Di Fuyi who pampered her and treated her exceptionally well. His actions touched her, and she felt as though she was in a dream.

Although she was strong and st.u.r.dy, she still desired to be pampered deep inside her heart, especially by someone she loved.

An overwhelming warmness filled her heart as she was pampered by someone she loved…

"If you are touched, why don't you marry me?" Di Fuyi looked at her and smiled.

Gu Xijiu was shocked!

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