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Long Siye looked even paler now! He could not deny her statement! The coffin which Gu Xijiu drew on the painting was precisely the one he saw that time; he leaned on that to watch her several times.

Gu Xijiu added, "You used to lean against the coffin and talked to me about how you hate the Ye couples! That they're too selfish! You also emphasized how I am more pitiful than you as they only saw me as an organ bank to provide organs to their daughter anytime they needed…"

Long Siye walked away with extreme sadness and could not even walk properly. Gu Xijiu's could only look to the ground as she knew it was an intense shock for Long Siye. However, she would feel awful and guilty if she did not tell him the truth.

No matter what, I owe you... She slowly walked to the cafeteria, and an arm was suddenly placed on her shoulder, "You've done the right thing!"

She turned around in shock and saw Di Fuyi's. Apparently, he heard the conversation between her and Long Siye.

She pursed her lips, "You got me tailed?"

Di Fuyi frowned, "I followed you openly; I wouldn't appear if I secretly followed you." He did not say much and held her hand, "Let's grab something to eat."

Gu Xijiu did not want to have much physical contact with him publicly and quickly withdrew her hand, "You're eating here?"

Di Fuyi said, "Why not? Let's go!"

Gu Xijiu felt she must be a s.l.u.t in her peers' eyes. She has been spending time with Celestial Master Zuo earlier, but they declared it was just a show. Then, she had an unclear relationship with Long Siye as well, and now, she had meals with Celestial Master Zuo in the cafeteria again...

The cafeteria was filled with people who looked at the two of them with strange expressions.

Although Gu Xijiu did not care about how people look at her, it did feel awkward when the entire cafeteria was doing so. She could imagine what was on their minds.

Di Fuyi did not care and sat down at a table, "Sit here, I'll get you some food."

How dare she let him make the order? She quickly got up, "You sit here, I'll place the order."

Di Fuyi pressed on her shoulder, "Stay here, alright?" He then walked to the counter to place an order.

Everyone remained silent. They had an idea on their minds though. Those who would overthink would wonder what show they were playing again.

A moment later, Lan Waihu and Qian Lingyu came in. They saw Gu Xijiu and quickly ran over.



Qian Lingyu sat beside Gu Xijiu and tapped on her shoulder, "Xijiu, what would you like to eat? My treat!"

Gu Xijiu would be transferring to another cla.s.s tomorrow; hence, Qian Lingyu wanted to treat her before she did, "Feel free to order anything you want!"

The surrounding was tranquil once he finished talking. Little Fox, who was sitting in the opposite direction, suddenly jumped up with her eyes opened widely and everyone's gaze was on something behind Qian Lingyu and Gu Xijiu.

Qian Lingyu was sweating. He subconsciously turned his head around and saw a few plates moving towards his face! Gosh! He quickly avoided it.

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