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Gu Xijiu did not antic.i.p.ate that she would run away from the scene like a failed soldier!

Everything was beyond her expectations and even imaginations as she planned to cut all the ties with Di Fuyi after she completed her a.s.signed punishments, but things were not meant to be.

Gu Xijiu reasoned with herself and felt she should sever ties with him as he had made her go through so many hard times. However, she forgave him after she listened to his explanation. Was she too lenient to forgive someone who had hurt her the way he did? Was she that easy to be coaxed? No way! She was not!

Gu Xijiu could not deny that she had feelings for Di Fuyi and always suppressed them. It seems that all her initial qualms with him were just a misunderstanding. It was easy to forgive a misunderstanding. Moreover, all Di Fuyi's actions seemed to be for Gu Xijiu's benefit and did not cause any serious consequence. Hence, it was natural for her to forgive him.

But everything seemed to have changed too fast! It was easy to feel that she was going crazy! She rolled around in her blanket and placed her hand on her chest. Her heart felt as though it was filled with bubbles of happiness. All the bubbles were expanding and rising, and she could not calm herself.

There was no word to describe her feelings right now as she had never felt so excited and happy before. Was that the feeling of being in love? Gu Xijiu used to hear a saying that women's intelligence would decline when they were in love. She did not believe that as she felt that women should have the ability of self-control even when they were in love. Hence, she would not be like that!

She used to like Long Xi so much, but she never loses her self-control. However, this time seemed different. She could not sleep with the excitement bottled up inside her, so she decided to get up. She took out a mirror and looked at herself. Her lips were juicy, her cheeks were rosy, and her eyes were sparkling. She was definitely in love! Gosh! Gu Xijiu, you must be insane!

She lied on the bed and grabbed her pillow to cover her rosy face. Chill! Calm down!

When Gu Xijiu woke up on the next morning, she thought she would have a pair of panda eyes as she was exhausted and had not slept well the whole night. However, she realized her skin looked exquisite with her pinkish lips. Her eyes were sharp and energetic. There were no dark circles around her eyes either. What was this sorcery?

Gu Xijiu confidently attributed this to her consumption of the Blue Phoenix. It did not only help to enhance her power but also helped to boost her energy. She walked out the house after she tidied up and immediately b.u.mped into Long Siye, "Good morning, Xijiu!"

Gu Xijiu still felt guilty, especially after last night, "Siye, you're here…"

Long Siye smiled, "Let's grab breakfast together." He walked with her side by side.

"You… Were you waiting for me?"

"Not really, I just pa.s.sed by."

He was lying! He did not need to pa.s.s by Gu Xijiu's courtyard if he intended to go to the cafeteria from his place. He probably still liked her and did not want to let go.

"Trainer Long, I'm sorry." She continued, "I'm really sorry as I can't accept your love, I…" She wanted to be straight with him so that he could let go of her.

"Xijiu, stop apologizing! You have not done anything wrong."

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