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Suddenly, she climbed up to the pole and spun. Her long dress was fluttering like a blooming flower. She slid down the pole swiftly and curved her legs right before she almost landed and her whole body formed a very seductive figure.

Di Fuyi had never been distracted whenever he played the zenith. He would not even frown when he fought the monster or devils. However, he missed several keys when he played for Gu Xijiu.

He was a perfectionist; a good dance must come with awesome music. Otherwise, he could never forgive himself. Thus, he managed to focus his attention again. One hand was playing the zenith, and another was playing the drum. Indeed, he made a fantastic pop song!

The music had finally stopped when the dance came to an end.

Gu Xijiu laughed as she spun around the pole again, "That's it for today, I'll make a move first." She teleported away without saying goodbye.

She was planning to teleport back to her courtyard as the sky was quite dark already and Di Fuyi's gaze seemed to be getting more intense by the minute. Therefore, escaping was the smartest solution.

Unfortunately, the reality was always different from her grand plan.

"Bang!" She crashed into a transparent membrane!

The transparent membrane was colorless, soft and elastic. Since Gu Xijiu was traveling at a breakneck speed, she bounced straight back to where she came from due to the elasticity of the membrane.

"Pop!" She fell into someone's arms. It was a warm arm with a familiar fragrance which made her heart pump rapidly.

Di Fuyi's whispered beside her ear, "Why are you running away? Are you afraid of me?" His voice was magnetic and deep.

Gu Xijiu was paralyzed in his arms and felt frustrated as she looked at him, "When did you set the wizardry barrier!?" He must have known she would escape right after she finished dancing. Strangely, her teleportation had not been restricted earlier. So how did she get bounced back?

Di Fuyi answered as his finger gently pat her pinkish mouth, "When you were putting on the costumes." The two of them were in the forest, and although there was no one around, he still set a wizardry barrier for safety purposes just in case if someone was there to peek!

Di Fuyi's arms were hot, and he was looking directly into her eyes as he gasped, "Xijiu, how many people have seen you dance this way before?" He sat down with her and hugged her in his arms.

How many people? How was she going to count? She has danced three times before, and it was always a full house. Hence, she had no idea how many people were there.

Gu Xijiu did not answer.

"Why are you silent? You have no idea how to answer? Hmmm?" The pitch of the last word was higher than the rest.

Gu Xijiu was anxious and replied "Why are you rushing me? I'm still counting…"

Di Fuyi was shocked and looked at her, "You need so long to count?"

In fact, she regretted answering him in the first place. She could not think whenever she was in his arms and always regretted the things she said.

She smiled awkwardly, "In fact, not many. It's not many…" Just about 700-800 people.

Di Fuyi was still hugging her; one of his arms went around her head, and his palm was placed gently on her collarbone. The other arm was around her thigh with his wrist on her waist.

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