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However, changes always came earlier than the execution of his plan. The little girl really could not fly up there and got terribly embarra.s.sed until she got mad at him. She even wanted to change to another cla.s.s to avoid him.

Gu Xijiu was a smart person; she got his message after listening to his plan. She was speechless but also touched. He was really a mischievous person.

Celestial Master Zuo had a very stylish way to get the girl he wanted; Gu Xijiu did not really know how to judge or criticize his behavior.

She paused and then continued, "I will not skip your cla.s.ses anymore because I won't be attending your cla.s.s anymore after I change to another cla.s.s…"

Di Fuyi smiled, "It's alright, I'll revise with you every month if you don't come to my cla.s.s. Once a teacher, always a teacher. I'll make sure you complete the course since you've started it."

Gu Xijiu was speechless again.

She was not sure whether she should laugh or cry. She then raised her head and said, "What if I refuse to follow? This is not necessarily suitable for me…"

"It's suitable for you!" Di Fuyi interrupted her, "You're a pract.i.tioner of the wind spiritual power; your wind based martial arts and spiritual power would be extremely powerful once you master Flying Wind magic! Your speed would even double!"

Gu Xijiu's heart skipped a beat, and suddenly, she said, "So this cla.s.s was specially designed for me?" She paused for a second. Had she overestimated herself?

Di Fuyi sighed, "Finally, you got it! This lesson is specially designed for you, and the other students were leveraging on you." The materials were specially customized according to her physique so that she could enhance her Kung Fu in a short time.

The culprit behind all this mess was very strong and powerful. Di Fuyi wanted her to be able to protect herself. Just in case if he were not there for her, she would not be bullied by others. Upon this revelation, Gu Xijiu began to feel a warmth in her heart.

She was pondering silently on the occurrences of the past days and tried to link the stories. In conclusion, she realized Di Fuyi was telling the truth. Gu Xijiu was generally quite easy going and would let go of sour feelings once things were cleared. However, she was still mad this time as she had suffered for so long.

"But I've requested for the change, and Headmaster Gu has promised me to help, so I think other students would complain if you insist on the revision plan…"

Di Fuyi frowned, "What does it have to do with me? " Di Fuyi never cared about the opinions of others...

However, it did not mean Gu Xijiu would not be calculative even though he was not. Hence, he paused and continued, "Fine, then I'll add an extra lesson for the next cla.s.s…"

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

Di Fuyi smiled at her with a firm gaze, "Little Xijiu, it's not up to you to skip my cla.s.s. I'll catch you no matter where you hide." Di Fuyi had specially designed the Flying Wind magic course for her, how could she not learn? What a waste of his effort the past few weeks!

Gu Xijiu was shocked as she knew he would do what he said.

She cleared her throat, "You told me I was obsessed with Long Siye, I guess you're obsessed with me too."

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