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Long Siye smiled, "I am no longer allergic to this, you can order it all you want."

"Alright!" Gu Xijiu rose to make an additional order.

Long Siye stood, "Let me do it. I should not keep making you go on errands." He proceeded to order at the window. A few moments later, he returned with two dishes - a plate of deep-fried mandarin fish in sweet and sour sauce and another plate of stir-fried sliced lamb with garlic.

Both dishes were Gu Xijiu's favorites. It did not use to be on the menu until Gu Xijiu came around and pa.s.sed on the recipes to the chefs. Both steaming hot dishes were served freshly in front of Gu Xijiu. Gu Xijiu finally regained her appet.i.te. However, she was still slightly concerned, "I remember that you do not like to eat anything that tastes sweet and sour. You also dislike dishes served with garlic."

These dishes were her usual favorites in private, but she would never eat these things in front of Long Siye in her previous life, as Long Siye was quite picky with food and there was an abundance list of things that he disliked.

Long Siye was amused. He raised his brows, "What else do I dislike? Do you remember?"

Gu Xijiu was thoroughly familiar with his specific preferences, "How could I ever forget? You do not like garlic, Chinese parsley, celery, and garlic sprout. You only eat eggplant with brown sauce…" The list went on.

Long Siye stared at her with a profound look and sighed, "I have not realized that there are so many things that I dislike. I did not even know that I used to be so picky, and yet you remember all of my preferences well."

Gu Xijiu did not say anything, she only smiled.

It was normal for her to remember, as she used to have meals with him regularly in their previous life. She was fond of him and had thoroughly studied his preferences. Moreover, she had a sharp memory, so she barely had to list them out.

Long Siye was a little guilty. She had always been so considerate of his preferences in their previous life and chose to hide her own preferences so he barely even noticed her dietary habits. He only remembered a few dishes that she liked.

His eyes flickered a little. He knew that he should not be too aggressive with her. She would run away. Both of them would never be able to be friends anymore, and he would then lose his very last hope.

He knew her temperament and personality well. Therefore, he could only retreat to advance further. He offered to be her friend again to take the burden off her mind, so now he could continue staying with her as a friend. Sooner or later, she would be his.

Gu Xijiu was a little absent-minded too. She evesdropped at the conversations ongoing at Di Fuyi's table. She overheard Le Zixing's early attentive introduction on the dishes, her questions regarding his lessons and his answers to her.

Actually, he was not a patient man. He used to be reluctant to answer any students' questions. Sometimes, the students would ask him questions after cla.s.s, but he would only answer "discover it yourself" and left swiftly.

However, he apparently regarded Le Zixing with different eyes. He answered all her questions with what he knew without reserve. He did not even mention a word about 'not speaking during meal and bedtime.'

Gu Xijiu stirred the dishes with her chopsticks, smilingly. She found it to be a little absurd that she and Di Fuyi kept messing up their timings.

She had feelings for him, but somehow they might not be destined to be together. Never mind, she was still young. It was way too early for her to think about it.

What she should focus on now was her own studies and her standards, not on all these love affairs.

The first cla.s.s for today would be Di Fuyi's lesson.

Gu Xijiu did not plan to skip it.

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