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Gu Xijiu did not wish to expose Di Fuyi's secret, so she shook her head, "I was just asking. It was meant as an a.s.sumption."

Long Siye was relieved. He could not hold back his smile and continued to touch her hair, "Baby, the a.s.sumption is invalid. Take you as an example, your scent in your previous life is not what you have now, and that is because you have switched to a new body. I bet that your scent is nothing compared to the cloned body that is now lying in the ice coffin in Tianwen."

Long Siye rarely shared such an intimate interaction with her. His sudden touch on her hair made her flesh creep. She shivered even more when she heard him calling her 'baby.'

She shifted her position a little to move away from his embrace, "Do not call me baby. You are acting as though I am some great, romantic lover."

Long Siye could not refrain from laughing, "Silly, isn't this how lovers are supposed to be?"

Gu Xijiu's heart skipped a beat. She coughed as she said, "Teacher Long, I have not promised you anything yet. We… we are not considered as lovers."

There was a hint of disappointment in Long Siye's eyes, but he continued in a soft voice, "It is alright, I can wait. Xijiu, I am already pleased that you are giving me this opportunity. We have not spent any time as lovers before, so it is normal for you to feel strange. Sooner or later you will get used to it."

Would she get used to it, eventually? Gu Xijiu was not sure about it. She was not even hopeful. Long Siye made her feel touched and a little creeped out at the same time. She hastily changed the subject, "Are you still keeping the clone? I did not expect you to be able to make a clone in this era."

Long Siye hesitated before he continued, "The clone is still in the ice coffin. I did not keep it for your sake. External affairs have quite occupied me, so I have not been able to discard it. If you dislike it, we can get rid of it together when you come back with me."

Gu Xijiu rubbed her brows a little. Would he only destroy the body if she followed him back to Tianwen Mountain? Is that what he meant to say? She did not care about the body, as long as he stopped trying to get her into the cloned body. She had a traumatic experience regarding clones.

A sudden thought occurred to her, "By the way, you said that you had been cloned as well. It was… it was your father's cloned body. Is your appearance the same as your father's?"

Long Siye frowned. He loathed that person!

"He is not my father! He is sick! A lunatic! He used to look identical to me. I guess that he was worried that I would recognize him easily, so he used to keep a beard. His face full of hair greatly concealed all his facial features, so I did not recognize him that time."

Gu Xijiu was struck by his words.

Did he say a face full of hair? It seemed like he was the master of venomous spells that she had encountered in Miao Jiang. Was it possible that both of them were related? Was it a coincidence? Were both of them the same person?

When the last thought emerged, she was taken by a great surprise. It was impossible, wasn't it?

She started to picture the image in her head of Long Xi was covered by a face full of hair, but she failed after contemplating about it for a while.

In her previous life, Long Xi used to be neat, graceful and refined in every manner. He was nothing close to the heavily bearded man who was lazy about his appearance. She tried to recall the silhouette and height of the master. The master seemed to be of the same height as Long Siye!

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