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Long Siye twisted the handle in his palm and the saber also turned around on the purple-robed puppet's chest.

The purple robed puppet was only able to say one word and stopped breathing.

It was only now that Yun Qingluo who stood at the side screamed out loud because the blood of the purple-robed puppet had splashed onto her face.

There were also humans among the group of the green puppets. These people were the ones who played the flute and specialized in controlling the attack of the zombies.

As the attack on the purple-robed puppet happened too fast, they were not able to react timely.

It was only until the purple-robed puppet fell down to the floor, only did they come to realize that their master had died. They immediately wanted to play the flute in their hands. However, when they just raised their hand, multiple rays shot out from everywhere…

With the lights issuing the flutes in these people's hand, they were taken away to nowhere.

These people were shocked and they did not believe that their green-clothed companions actually attacked them. Now they realized that these people were not zombies…

Because these people had already taken off their masks and revealed their original appearance.

They were not the dead zombies but the top masters from Tianju Hall, which also included Gu Canmo!

The leader had been killed and the flute manipulators had been caught. The dead zombies lost their backbones and they stood still like an idiot on the spot.

Among these green-clothed zombies, there were also some people who had taken off their masks. They were also people from Tianju Hall…

Obviously, the so-called hunting activity was all fake news. It was only a tactic to lure the person behind to come out to the scene!

Yun Qingluo's face instantly turned pale!

She understood that she was trapped!

Everything was a trap! She had been set by Di Fuyi!

She was scared and kneeled down to the ground…

She looked at Di Fuyi and her lips were trembling, "Celestial Master Zuo, I… I was forced to do so…"

The two green puppets who were catching Di Fuyi had now taken their masks off. They were Mu Feng and Mu Dian.

They bowed together toward Di Fuyi, "Master! We are sorry for our recklessness!"

Di Fuyi waved his fingers at his body. The bleed on his body was all gone. He also took off a few blood bags from his robe so he looked cleaner than before.

He glanced at Yun Qingluo and looked cold. He only instructed, "Take her down."

The discipline gurus from Tianju Hall immediately went over to catch Yun Qingluo and she did not dare to struggle at all…

A crisis was now solved.

It was supposed to be an intense fight. However, because of a few tactics and traps, the culprit was caught, the helpers were all surrendered and Di Fuyi did not lose any soldiers.

Even Mu Yun who had been attacked and fell into the lake also appeared in the middle of the green puppets. Apparently, after he fell into the lake, he escaped from the waterway that he had prepared beforehand and returned to the battlefield to act as the zombie along with his companions…

The purple robed puppet brought more than thousands of zombies and he lost count of the numbers. In the addition, these zombies were sent in in batches. There were a few zombies attacked by Gu Canmo and the gang and their clothes were being taken off. Therefore, Gu Canmo and the gang pretended to be green puppets and rushed into the battlefield together…

They were all masters of martial art. When they mixed with the zombies they could immediately identify the flute player and quietly approached them…

The attack of Long Siye was a signal.

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