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Di Fuyi did not even dare to ask himself. Would he really willing to pay the price? Did he really love her so much?

Perhaps, Long Siye had overestimated his love to Gu Xijiu as well. At least, it seemed like he did not love her as much as Di Fuyi did!

If Gu Xijiu really loved Long Siye, both of them would feel it was a disaster if they were to be apart. If that were the case, Di Fuyi would consider withdrawing from the compet.i.tion to make them a pair.

Of course, he would be sad. However, he was willing to sacrifice for Gu Xijiu's happiness. He would take whatever consequences as long as she would be happy. But the situation did not seem to be like what he thought. The feelings that Gu Xijiu had toward Long Siye was more likely a habit or an excuse for her to avoid Di Fuyi. Perhaps, she liked Long Siye, but it was more likely a sibling type of love instead of the kind that gets you married.

On the other hand, it seems as though Long Siye truly loved Gu Xijiu, but his love was not firm, and he might just give up if something happened. If that were the case, why would Di Fuyi give up? He must try his best before he regrets!

Autumn was here. The maples leaves fell on the surface of the water and drifted far away into the distance.

"The man is in love, but the lady isn't…" Di Fuyi mumbled as he looked at the maple trees.

He was standing there while he idled. The scene depicted the painting of maple leaves dancing around an idle man. He stretched his hand to pick a leaf and then flicked it into the water. The water was disturbed and immediately engulfed the leaf.

"My Lord, it's quite late already, why don't you go back to rest?" Mu Feng appeared from nowhere and stood beside him.

Di Fuyi asked, "How's the preparation?"

"Don't worry, My Lord! It's a perfect plan." Mu Feng a.s.sured.

Di Fuyi nodded, "Who is watching Yun Qingluo?"

"Ling Xi. My Lord, her puppet's magic is way more advanced than Yun Qingluo's. She's the best person for this role."

Di Fuyi smiled, "Excellent! I'm looking forward to tomorrow."

Mu Feng's eyes were sparkling, "So am I! Everything is ready. Now we're just waiting for the preys to come!"

Di Fuyi realized Gu Xijiu was not there when he returned to his bedroom; she was not on the bed opposite his bed either. Was she so afraid to the point that she did not dare to come back? Perhaps, she was still wandering around somewhere.

Hmmm, he seemed to be too aggressive just now. However, Gu Xijiu would not give him a chance if he did not force her to. He walked out the room and tried to sense something. He then walked toward the pavilion.

Indeed, Gu Xijiu was there. It was quite cold at the pavilion, but that was bearable based on her current physique. There was a bench in the pavilion with a comfortable backrest that was s.p.a.cious enough for people to rest.

She was leaning on the backrest of the bench, and it was as big as a single bed. Gu Xijiu felt it was too risky to stay with Di Fuyi alone in the same room after his interrogation and hot kiss. She thought it would be very awkward for them, so she decided to leave the mansion.

She also knew it was a critical time; she could not simply leave before the great battle to avoid creating any suspicion from the enemies. Therefore, she decided to rest here when she found the pavilion.

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