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Was it the fragrance of his soul?!

It was not about the physical body that Di Fuyi occupied! Whichever body he used would carry this fragrance. The question was, did Gu Xijiu have a unique ability to smell this fragrance instead of body odor? No, that did not make sense as she could detect the odor change in different individuals when she interacted with them. Sometimes, it smelled good, but sometimes it was disgusting!

Even when she was with Long Siye, she could sense his odor change from time to time. There were several types of herbal fragrance on his body. But when she was living in Di Fuyi's body, she specially sniffed the fragrance of his body but could not smell anything. However, when he drew closer to stabilize her soul just now, she smelled the fragrance again!

The only explanation for this is that she was smelling the fragrance of his soul! She was wondering whether other people could sense it.

Gu Xijiu looked at the Firmament Stone on her wrist; it had not interacted with her for more than ten days, she missed it.

Thus, she tried to call it with her mind, but it did not respond at all as though it was dead. She was getting panicked and tapped on it with her finger, "Little Cang, Little Cang…"

The Firmament Stone did not respond, was it malfunctioned again? It did have a similar problem before due to the absorption of the spiritual light on the Open Heaven Stage. It went straight into hibernation since then due to overwhelming power from the spiritual light!

But, it should not be overwhelmed this time! What was wrong with it?

Was it because Di Fuyi possessed the body before? Perhaps his soul was too strong for the Firmament Stone?

She tried to sense the Firmament Stone, and it was full of energy. But it was different from last time. It did not seem to be hibernating. The Firmament Stone was her personal device since she came to this world. She treated it as though it was her best buddy!

The Firmament Stone also told her that it would only interact with her. It even told Gu Xijiu not to tell anyone that it could interact with her. Hence, that was a secret between the two of them that no one else knows about. However, the Firmament Stone was silent this time, which made Gu Xijiu very worried. She could not find a good reason to question Di Fuyi as the Firmament stone looked perfectly fine with beautiful colors and no flaws.

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