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Di Fuyi tried to calm his tone, "No."

Lan Waihu twitched her mouth and drew slightly nearer to him, "But… But why did you ignore me?" She bit her lips and continued, "Are you blaming me for causin your wounds? I.. I'm really sorry… I'll pay more attention next time and improve myself…"

Di Fuyi nodded, "Yes, you should be more independent."

Lan Waihu looked at her pitifully, "Xijiu, are you going to abandon me when you reform a new team? I'll try my best, Xijiu. Don't leave me alone, please…"

Di Fuyi was having a headache, "Lan Waihu, you are your own pillar and you shouldn't always rely on others. You're not stupid but you're not brave enough. You can be better than other people if you can overcome this weakness, as long as you really work hard. Gu Xijiu… I mean, I can't protect you forever…"

If Di Fuyi was not living in Gu Xijiu's body, he would not even bother to talk to Little Fox.

But he had forgotten something as he usually only gave advice to the genius in the continent who were strong and tough. All of them could bear the challenges and criticism, which eventually gained knowledge from him to improve themselves.

However, that was his first time encountering a case like Little Fox's, hence, he could not use the way he trained the heaven's gift disciples.

In fact, Little Fox felt Gu Xijiu was going to abandon her after she listened to Di Fuyi's advice. She immediately cried, "Xijiu, you really don't want anymore?"

Di Fuyi felt so helpless as he knew he could never get rid of the misunderstanding.

"Xijiu, are you… upset that I've seen you and Celestial Master Zuo together twice? Are you mad at me because of that? I really didn't tell anyone about it, please trust me…" Lan Waihu said while crying.

Di Fuyi stiffened as though struck by lightning but he could not kick her away and even had to coax her, "Don't worry, Xijiu won't abandon you ok? I'm just injured right now and can't form a new team. Can you practice with Qian Lingyu first and I'll join you after I'm fully recovered?"

Lan Waihu's eyes were sparkling immediately, "Fine!" She wiped her tears and left by jumping happily.

Di Fuyi was ready to go back to his courtyard after a series of coaxing, however, he immediately saw Long Siye watching him from somewhere nearby and his expression was a strange one.

Di Fuyi frowned and narrowed his eyes. Long Siye was a very smart person, perhaps, he was suspicious about him?

Although he looked similar to Gu Xijiu, he could only fool those people who were not close to her. However, when he interacted with someone close to Gu Xijiu, it was easy for them to notice the differences...

For example, the mussel, Little Fox, and Qian Lingyu, or even Long Siye were close to Gu Xijiu. All of them were familiar with Gu Xijiu's character, so why would Long Siye not notice it when Little Fox could sense Xijiu had changed?

Perhaps, he should relocate Long Siye by using The Lord's name! So that he could not disturb his plan!

Di Fuyi did not plan to talk to Long Siye, hence, he only nodded when he walked past Long Siye.

Long Siye quickly blocked his way, "Xijiu, I think we need to talk!" He grabbed his arm!

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