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Di Fuyi looked at her infuriated face and burst into laughter.

Gu Xijiu got even angrier as she saw him laughing, so she shoved him, "What are you laughing?"

Di Fuyi almost slumped onto the ground but he just could not stop laughing.

Gu Xijiu was very mad and went straight to cover his mouth, "Stop laughing!"

She was too violent, so she crashed straight onto Di Fuyi and was lying on top of him. Gu Xijiu was riding on his waist and her hands were covering his little mouth, "I'm going to suffocate you if you continue laughing!"

Of course, Di Fuyi could not laugh anymore as his mouth was covered. He answered, "Fine, I'll stop laughing." Although he said he would stop laughing, his eyes were still riddled with laughter.

He was pushed down by her and could hardly struggle. He was lazy to struggle as well, so he placed his arms under his head and looked at her with a smile.

He looked at her sparkling fierce eyes and mouth...

That was the first time he felt his face was charming and wanted to get up to kiss it...

He stretched his hand to take down her mask and his finger accidentally touched her ear. It was burning...

The heat was hot enough to travel into his heart. Suddenly, he flipped his body over.

Although he was living in a female's body, his spiritual power has partially recovered. Besides that, he was good at strategizing, so he managed to change his position as Gu Xijiu was not alert just now.

Both of them swapped positions. Di Fuyi was now on top of Gu Xijiu and the mask on her face fell onto the ground. Di Fuyi probably did not know the meaning of courtesy, so he dived in to kiss Gu Xijiu's lips...

It was beyond Gu Xijiu's expectation, but how could she be willing to compromise?

She turned her head aside and wanted to kick him. Di Fuyi was well prepared. He grabbed her legs together so that she could not kick him again...

"OOps!" They heard a sound from the door. The two of them who have cuddled as one were stunned and slowly turned their head to have a look.

Lan Waihu's eyes were opened wide as though she was struck by lightning.

"I… I… I didn't see anything again!" Little Fox quickly ran away and two fruits were rolling on the ground.

Apparently, Little Fox wanted to give the fruits to 'Gu Xijiu'.

But she did not expect to see 'Gu Xijiu' would press on 'Di Fuyi' like that...

Sigh! Gu Xijiu almost cried as she knew she could not change anything else no matter how she explains herself.

They could not delay swapping the body any longer. After long consideration, Gu Xijiu had finally agreed to stay with Di Fuyi in the same room.

Meanwhile, she could not explain to Long Siye at this moment until she gets her body switched back.

Gu Xijiu had her own plan, but according to Di Fuyi, half of his body's power could be recovered if she practices according to his methods. Even if it could not be fully recovered, it would heal to the extent that he could switch the bodies. By that time, both of them would be back to their own bodies respectively and she would only explain to Long Siye when Di Fuyi had fully recovered.

She had an agreement with Di Fuyi, he must tell Long Siye about the body exchange someday in the future, otherwise, she really had no idea how to explain her strange behavior in the past.

Anyway, Di Fuyi would be fully recovered and would not be afraid of anyone else by that time.

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