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Yun Qingluo took a deep breath before speaking again, "Do you think Celestial Master Zuo saved you because he likes you?"


Yun Qingluo felt that Gu Xijiu was unpredictable today. Every sentence she said really annoyed her, but she could not argue back. She sensed that "Gu Xijiu" was annoyed by her and had no patience to talk to her right now. However, "Gu Xijiu" seemed to be especially keen to speak after Yun Qingluo irritated her. She even made eye contact with Yun Qingluo and gave her the impression that she was listening intently.

Yun Qingluo did not want to miss the chance to talk to Gu Xijiu alone as it was not easy to have such a rare opportunity. Thus, she smiled and continued, "In fact, Celestial Master Zuo always shows sympathy for weak people. He always pays more attention to girls who cannot protect themselves. When I was once kidnapped and injured, Celestial Master Zuo found me and rescued me. It consumed a lot of his spiritual power, but he even gave me many things to comfort me when I was in chronic pain…"

This time, "Gu Xijiu" seemed to be more keen to listen to her. A fish had bitten on her fishing bait, but she did not see or feel it. Instead, she moved the rod aside and then turned around to listen to Yun Qingluo.

She blinked her eyes and then looked at Yun Qingluo before replying, "Huh? I don't believe it! What did he give to you?"

Yun Qingluo paused and then let out an evil grin, "Everything given by Celestial Master Zuo is good, and all of them are valuable. Why would I reveal those things to you?"

"Gu Xijiu" sighed, "How do you want me to believe you if you don't tell me?"

"It's up to you whether you believe or not, I don't need you to believe me! You just need to know the reason Celestial Master Zuo gave you those gifts was to coax you. After all, you're The Lord's disciple, and you're injured because of him! He probably felt guilty and was worried you might say bad things about him in front of The Lord. He probably only sees you as a child."

"Gu Xijiu" blinked, "How come I feel that it is you who sees Celestial Master Zuo as a child?"

Yun Qingluo frowned, "What?"

"Gu Xijiu" shook her head as she was lazy to explain. She turned around and picked up her fishing rod. Once again, Yun Qingluo was ignored by "Gu Xijiu." She was outraged but asked curiously, "Since when did I see Celestial Master Zuo as a child? You'd better explain!"

"Gu Xijiu" did not bother her. She raised her hands, and a fat fish was already hanging on the hook. She put the fish in the basket with an accomplished expression. She then whispered to herself, "Indeed, this is a good way to fish!"

Yun Qingluo almost went crazy, "Gu Xijiu! You're the one talking c.r.a.p! You can't explain your answer, and now you've simply switched to another topic."

Finally, "Gu Xijiu" refocused her attention on her. He decided to give her some advice as she might be a heaven's gift disciple so that she would not be too stupid, "Celestial Master Zuo rules the world. How could he do something so childish? Do you think he would give me some treats just to prevent me from speaking badly about him to The Lord?"

Yun Qingluo was speechless for a second. She exhaled, "No matter what, Celestial Master Zuo saved you due to his ethics. He is so rich, so no matter what he gives you, to him it is just like donating a penny from his pocket. The things you treasure from him probably means nothing to him. Please, don't get him wrong!"

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