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It seemed like he had not turned a blind eye to Gu Xijiu after all. He still cared for her dearly. All eyes were on "Celestial Master Zuo" as they tried to find out his intention. Was he trying to get her back?

Gu Xijiu had to suffer in silence, as the pendant was already given out. How could she find a reason to take it back?

Di Fuyi touched the pendant and smiled, "Thank you very much, Celestial Master Zuo."

There was a glimpse of light in Luo Xinglan's eyes, as she followed her 'daughter' to thank Celestial Master Zuo.

"Celestial Master Zuo is so generous!" Long Siye said nonchalantly and then continued, "However, I have only one concern, would Celestial Master Zuo kindly answer my doubt?"

He was gazing at Gu Xijiu, so she had to respond, "Overlord Long, please."

"The two treasures that Celestial Master Zuo have given out are terrific, but they are too precious! As the saying goes, treasures will arouse one's desire. Xijiu is still too young and not mature enough to handle these items. The treasures from Celestial Master Zuo will probably do her no good in the long run. It might even bring her troubles such as threats to her safety. Celestial Master Zuo, have you thought about it?"

She took a look at Di Fuyi and then said, "I have not thought about it, your suggestion is very well on point." Just when she was about to say that she would retract her gift and pick another one for her, Di Fuyi had already answered for her, "Treasures will definitely arouse one's desire. However, aren't the treasures exclusive to Celestial Master Zuo? If anyone wants to get their hands on the treasures, they will not even dare to wear them, and I am sure that Celestial Master Zuo will not let the thieves off so easily, will he? Celestial Master Zuo told me this morning that the Na Tian Bag can recognize its owner. Once the recognition is fixed, it will be no use even if others have it in their hands. It will even engulf thieves, and their souls will be forever trapped in the bag. Celestial Master Zuo even said that the Na Tian Bag would find its way back to its owner when they are separated. Hence, it is impossible for others to steal it. There is not a sign of risk in the gifts that Celestial Master Zuo have given to me, is there? Can Celestial Master Zuo take back what he has already given?"

Gu Xijiu was speechless. She did not know that the Na Tian Bag had such great abilities.

Di Fuyi locked his gaze on her, "Celestial Master Zuo, you also told me that the treasure could give out warnings. If I carry it around with me, the treasure will send warnings to Celestial Master Zuo in times of distress. It will even provide the necessary information for Celestial Master Zuo to easily track any dangers. It can protect me. Therefore, the treasure should be considered as an amulet to me, how can it be a threat?"

Gu Xijiu watched as he blabbered on and felt more helpless the more he spoke. She knew that he was trying to emphasize its strength to dismiss others' thoughts on trying to get their hands on it. However, what he had said was also meant for Long Siye.

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