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Di Fuyi just realized how deeply he had fallen for her! However, that was not the only reason why he did not want to stay beside Long Siye. Even though he was using Gu Xijiu's body, he was still a man. When Long Siye looked at him with a loving and pampered expression, he would have chills down his spine and would probably want to dig his eyes out!

If he sat beside Long Siye, Long Siye would probably reveal how close the two of them have become. He might purposely take food for him or even comment on his beauty. Di Fuyi was afraid that he would not be able to bear with it. He could imagine kicking Long Siye away.

Therefore, to be safe, it was better to sit beside Gu Xijiu. The truth was that he felt frustrated too. He was supposed to rest and regain his spiritual power. The reason why he postponed it was that he wanted to celebrate Gu Xijiu's 15th birthday. However, he never expected that he would swap bodies with Gu Xijiu and become the birthday girl of the party.

To pa.s.s the dull days in his limitless life, he had always sought to explore the world. Over the years, he had been playing many roles - Celestial Master Zuo, Crown Prince, a hustler, a ranger, and more… But he had never become a lady! This time he had set a new record! He did not want to act like a woman. However, he could not do anything now but go along with the plot.

The only silver lining to this outcome was that Gu Xijiu was here and was able to witness the whole ceremony. It was still a blessing. Besides this, she was able to observe Celestial Master Zuo dressed as a woman. It was a somewhat unique gift to her, and she would remember it for the rest of her life.

While Di Fuyi pondered about all these scenarios, he noticed that Gu Canmo continuously stared at him. Di Fuyi suspected that Gu Canmo would have some tricks behind his sleeves. Unfortunately, this intuition was very accurate. Gu Canmo started the conversation with a broad smile and gentle tone, "Xijiu, everyone's 15th birthday is a significant day, especially for a girl. By right your parents should be by your side on this day, and usually, Tianju Hall would allow parents to visit and attend the ceremony. A few days ago, I sent someone to inform your father about the celebration, but your father was not around as he was investigating an urgent case. Thus, I think he would not be coming. At first, I thought there would be no one from your family visiting. Unexpectedly, someone arrived this morning to attend your 15th birthday ceremony! Xijiu, who do you think this person is?"

Di Fuyi was speechless. He had no interest to guess and would have much preferred that no one came! He calmly looked at Gu Canmo although he was very frustrated in his heart. "Who is it?"

Gu Canmo chuckled, "Your mother!"

Di Fuyi was speechless again! Gu Xijiu was choked by her saliva and coughed uncontrollably. Gu Canmo immediately looked at "Gu Xijiu" and asked excitedly, "Celestial Master Zuo, are you also feeling surprised?"

Gu Xijiu coughed, "Yes, I am astonished."

Gu Canmo turned back to "Di Fuyi" and asked, "Xijiu, are you surprised too? It is out of your expectation, right?"

Di Fuyi smiled, "Yes, I am shocked. It is out of my expectation."

Gu Canmo clapped his hands together and announced, "Please invite Mrs. Luo!"

When he finished his sentence, a woman in red walked into the hall abruptly. The woman looked like she was 30 years old. She looked pretty, and there were similarities in facial features between her and Gu Xijiu.

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