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Gu Xijiu did not care about rumors and how other people would look at her, but she cared about her friends. Unfortunately, she could not explain to her the truth now…

"It is all your fault!" Gu Xijiu was angry but there was nothing she could do.

"Yes, blame it on me." Di Fuyi answered softly and he held her hand, "Don't be angry anymore, okay?"

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

When Di Fuyi stood up he kissed on her forehead, "Let's go."

Gu Xijiu touched her forehead then she looked at Di Fuyi who had already stood up. She suddenly became conscious, "Hey! Why did you get dressed?"

The speed that this guy got dressed was faster than the wind!

She was only deep in her thoughts for awhile and he had already fully dressed up! If she knew that he could wear the dress so fast she should have let him wear it by himself just now and Lan Waihu would not have misunderstood her…

She was blaming him as since he could wear the dress so fast, why would he let her wear for him?

However, she asked too fast, and apparently, Di Fuyi misunderstood what she meant. He stood there and turned back to look at her. He asked, "Do you want me to take it off and let you wear it again?"

Gu Xijiu was speechless!

The 15th birthday was a big day for a girl.

Normally, if a girl had her 15th birthday when she was in Tianju Hall, Tianju Hall would solemnly prepare a party for the girl to celebrate this special day.

Gu Canmo and the teachers had known the date of Gu Xijiu's 15th birthday in advance. Since she had been a very high profile person and performed very well, Gu Canmo was very happy and specially prepared the birthday party in a more grandiose manner.

The banquet was held in the largest hall in Tianju Hall - Mingfeng Hall.

When Gu Xijiu arrived, it was a new look.

She did not come with Di Fuyi to avoid any rumors. She asked Di Fuyi to go first and then she went back to the room to change the robe before going to the banquet hall.

She was now using Di Fuyi's body and everyone had treated her like Di Fuyi. When she arrived, everyone kneeled down on the floor to welcome her arrival.

At first, Gu Xijiu was unhappy that she could not personally receive all the wishes on her 15th birthday. However, she had felt much better by looking at the scene now.

She was now Celestial Master Zuo, therefore she had been a.s.signed to the best seat which was right beside Gu Canmo.

Gu Xijiu was very talented at acting. She would look completely like the person whom she pretended to be. Moreover, she was very familiar with Di Fuyi so she could act exactly like him and no one could actually tell that she was an imposter.

She found that Di Fuyi had not arrived yet…

She was a bit worried. Di Fuyi was now using her body. She could not tell if he would use her body and create any trouble.

Then she looked around and found that a majority of the guests had arrived.

In the past when a student had their 15th birthday party, it was compulsory for all the teachers to attend but not the students. The students could decide whether or not they wanted to come and it was purely based on the relationship with the birthday girl.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, when a student had their 15th birthday party, only her cla.s.smates would come and attend the party but not the other cla.s.ses' students. If it was someone who was bad in socialization, some of the cla.s.smates might not want to attend too and left only a couple of attendees in the party.

However, today it was the big day of Gu Xijiu and almost every student in Tianju Hall had attended, even the seniors were no exception.

Gu Xijiu quietly glanced through all the attendees. She felt touched. It was really not easy to gain respect from all these people based on her own ability…

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