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Di Fuyi's body temperature was skyrocketing, and Gu Xijiu felt as though she was on fire! She struggled even more, but he kept pulling her into his arms again and again. She was not sure whether he did that intentionally as his 'little brother' kept poking her repeatedly everytime he did so. Suddenly, it touched a sensitive spot between her legs with only a thin layer of cloth covering it. Gu Xijiu's was blushing!

Her hand which was still holding the knife she placed at his neck and the sharp blade accidentally cut it! Some blood was dripping down along the blade, and it reached Gu Xijiu's fingers which were holding the knife.

Gu Xijiu was shocked and subconsciously pulled her hand away. At that moment, Di Fuyi flipped her over and pressed on her body without Gu Xijiu having time to process what was happening. He did not wait for her to respond and kissed her!

Gu Xijiu's mind went blank. His kiss was so random and quick that Gu Xijiu felt as though was lost for words. His body was boiling now, and his lips were scorching. The hot kisses attacked her lips, her chin, and then her collarbone.

Every single part of Gu Xijiu's body suddenly became very sensitive. It was as though she could feel that every single cell was burning. She felt an itch, but strangely, she was also eager to keep feeling it.

She did not even know since when Di Fuyi unb.u.t.toned her top. His lips had covered her chest just when she started feeling cold. Di Fuyi's kisses felt like a burning flame. Wherever it went, she felt heat and warmth. The temperature slowly spread all over her body and up to her nose and her eyes until she felt that she was going to explode! There was even a layer of sweat that covered her nose!

The scent of alcohol on his body was overpowering; Gu Xijiu felt a bit dizzy as though she was drunk as well. Her mind was blank, and that was very unusual for her.

It was not too difficult if she really wanted to stop him. She just needed to stab his heart, and she did not even need to worry if it would hurt him. However, she could not do it even though she was holding the knife. Instead, she put down the knife as she was afraid it might accidentally cut him again. It was only when his lips kissed touched a wound on her chest did she instantly leap back due to the pain.

She opened her eyes and saw his head on her chest. His hair was wet, and it was all over her body. Gosh! What was he going to do now!?

She did not expect this outcome when she decided to save him. This might be the first time she loses her virginity!

Gu Xijiu had to leave. She tried her best to struggle out of his embrace and even used her spiritual power to do so. She caught Di Fuyi off guard and managed to push him away. She grabbed the opportunity and quickly rolled away!

"Splash!" She fell into the pond.

The cold water helped Gu Xijiu to clear her mind. She came up from the water and realized Di Fuyi was sitting beside the pond. He did not move at all but stared into the water.

Gu Xijiu was quite mad at that moment and suddenly came up with an evil idea. She dived into the water and swam toward the sh.o.r.e... Unexpectedly, she rose up to the surface of the water and pulled Di Fuyi's legs! Di Fuyi fell into the pond again.

Di Fuyi struggled, however, Gu Xijiu did not even give him a chance to breathe and kept pulling him deeper into the water.

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