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Di Fuyi used to soak himself in this pond and come out feeling refreshed. However, this time things were different. Perhaps he was too annoyed.

When he looked up, there was a crescent moon in the sky, and it looked as though it was a painting by an artist. What was she doing now? Was she still together with Long Siye? She was supposed to rest one more day. However, she sneaked out to see Long Siye this morning and even spent time singing and played an instrument with him. Based on her current physical condition, she should be exhausted and resting in her courtyard by now.

The culprit behind all this chaos probably had not discovered Gu Xijiu's real ident.i.ty. Hence, he would not have too many plans for her. She should be safe. However, the culprit probably had something planned for Yun Qingluo, the heaven's gift disciple!

Any attack would be dangerous as this person seemed only to attack when there was a perfect plan. Di Fuyi closed his eyes and reflected on the recent happenings in his life. He used to think his life was too long, but now he felt it was too short. He had got lost in his thoughts and accidentally choked!

Di Fuyi coughed profusely while trying to float on the surface of the water with his eyes closed. He seemed to be unable to calm himself. He pondered whether or not he should come back here after he checks on her. He could recover faster if he meditates one more night. He would then be able to give her a better birthday party tomorrow.

Suddenly, he seemed to have noticed something. He immediately raised his head and was stunned beyond belief! Gu Xijiu and Long Siye were walking towards the pond! Di Fuyi had no idea what Long Siye just said to Gu Xijiu, but it seemed to make her smile. Her pretty face was still pale, and she could not walk properly yet. However, her curved lips looked as lovely as the crescent moon in the sky under the dim moonlight.

The two were strolling as Long Siye was holding her hand.

"Xijiu, we hardly spend the time to wander around in our previous lives. I'm delighted that we have the chance to do it now. How about you?"

"Of course I'm happy." Gu Xijiu answered without hesitation, but she frowned after that.

"Are you alright? Is it painful?" Long Siye quickly grabbed her wrist and wanted to check her pulse.

Gu Xijiu shook her head, "I'm fine, it doesn't hurt anymore." She was just tired.

Long Siye sighed, "Luckily you're stronger now."

Gu Xijiu smiled, "Thanks to your medicine. The grade-seven Muscle Rejuvenation Pill is excellent. It sped up my recovery, and I feel that I've almost fully recovered!"

Long Siye was stunned, "seventh-grade Muscle Rejuvenation Pill!?"

"Yup, you told Little Fox to deliver it to me, right?"

Long Siye stopped for a second, "No… I didn't." He was about to explain, but suddenly he seemed to notice something and moved his gaze leftwards.

Gu Xijiu noticed his body was stiff for a moment and raised her head too. Both of them were stunned. The waterfalls were gushing into the pond, but a man was floating right in the center.

His long hair made it look like a curtain was floating on the surface of the water, and his red clothes were floating around him as though he was a lotus flower. The moonlight was dim, but it shone on his silver mask, and the brightness was strong enough to cover his eyes. Both of them could not see his face properly.

Celestial Master Zuo! That was Di Fuyi!

Gu Xijiu did not expect to see him there. They were looking at each other, but she could not see his eyes, yet her heart skipped a beat. She quickly calmed herself and greeted him with a smile, "Such a coincidence, Celestial Master Zuo."

Long Siye frowned as he did not want anybody to disturb their intimate moment. And of all the people to b.u.mp into, Di Fuyi was probably the last person he would want to see.

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