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Gu Xijiu eagerly took a bite, but to her dismay, it was a bit too sweet and greasy. Seeing Long Siye's nervous look on his face, she politely finished it slowly and complimented, "It is nice. You're good at cooking!"

Long Siye felt relieved, "Good that you like it. I will make it for you again next time." Two of them sat down, and chit chatted for a while. In between their conversation, Gu Xijiu demanded, "Instructor Long, can you play a song for me? I would like to listen to you play." In the past, she loved to watch him playing the flute. Long Siye was undeniably handsome. The scene of him playing his flute under the maple tree could be considered as art! It looked like a beautiful painting.

Long Siye did not reject her request and picked up his instrument. He played the song - A Trip To Suzhou; which was one of the top 10 famous flute songs. Upon being graced by the melodious tune, Gu Xijiu felt like she was traveling in Jiangnan enjoying the beautiful landscape.

Being so relaxed, Gu Xijiu closed her eyes and slowly leaned on the tree behind her. It was a very peaceful moment. Perhaps this was what her heart wanted. Gu Xijiu was not entirely convinced by Long Siye yet. The Firmament Stone told her that she was a clone, but Long Siye a.s.sured her that she was not.

She asked the Firmament Stone before, but it did not have enough information to make a conclusive point. It said that this was the information it got and it could not be verified. After all, Gu Xijiu came from a different timeline. Hence, this would possibly remain an unresolved mystery.

She retrieved her maple-shaped jade out of her pocket. It was a small one, but when she held it in her hand, she felt warm and pleasant.

This jade was given to her on Chinese Valentine's Day by Long Siye. He said that it should be returned to its original owner when he pa.s.sed it to her. After Long Siye finished the song, she almost fell asleep and was now leaning on Long Siye's shoulder.

Long Siye lowered his head onto hers and asked, "Do you still want more music?" His voice woke her up, and her cheeks were red. She felt embarra.s.sed because she almost fell asleep while Long Siye was serenading her.

"Play another one. I want to listen to 'Happy Reunion.'" Gu Xijiu demanded another song from him. She inexplicably wanted to listen to that song now.

Long Siye shook his head but smiled. It was a ballad, but it was suitable to their current situation. The song is about a happy couple who were reunited in a different world. Despite the applicability of the message, he was not a fan of this type of music. He liked music that was soft and calming.

Long Siye's eyes showed uncertainty as he tried to recall the melody. After a while, he chuckled, "I will try my best because I can't remember the song."

Long Siye started relatively well but realized halfway through that he could not recall the second half of the song. He apologized, "I really cannot remember it. Why don't we change song?"

Gu Xijiu pondered for a while before she replied, "Have you listened to 'Sand In Between Our Fingers' by Phoenix Legend?"

Long Siye felt relieved, "Yes, I know that song."

"Alright, you play the flute, and I'll sing!" Gu Xijiu suddenly felt excited.

Long Siye was worried, "You are injured. It is not suitable for you to sing…"

"It's alright, I will sing softly."

Long Siye finally nodded and played the flute while Gu Xijiu started to sing.

"That year in Jiangnan you played your flute and asked me to go on a ride with you,

There were so many issues in your life but you asked me not to worry,

You said destiny was like the sand in between our fingers,

If you could not hold it you had to let it go,

Let the wind blow away your struggles…"

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