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Behind him, it was the dark sky with stars. Because he was standing with light at his back, they could barely see his face. Also, he was wearing a mask on his face. Thus, no one could see what his facial expression was.

Qian Lingyu and Lan Waihu looked at each other and then bowed in front of Di Fuyi.

Di Fuyi waved and asked them to stand up. He was straightforward, "Distribute the prizes according to Qian Lingyu's arrangement. Both of you, please take what you are supposed to take and leave."

Qian Lingyu and Lan Waihu looked at each other again and did not discuss any further. After they took their prizes, they left the room immediately.

Lan Waihu was a considerate girl. She made sure to close the door tightly as she left.

Before Gu Xijiu could say anything, both of them had disappeared.

Only Di Fuyi and herself remained in the room.

"Why don't you want the snow fruit? Is it because it came from me?" Di Fuyi started the conversation. He sat down beside the only table in the room that was about a meter away from her bed.

Gu Xijiu never expected that he would be so blunt. She paused for a moment and admitted, "Yes."

"Do you hate me?" He looked at her.

Gu Xijiu frowned, "You are overthinking about it." She did not think that she hated him but just did not want to get anything from him.

"Then why don't you take it? You know that this is the prize that you deserve."

Gu Xijiu closed her eyes, "I just think that it is useless to me, so I decided to give it to my companions. They need it more than I do."

Di Fuyi paused for three seconds then he laughed, "Do you know what its functions are?"

Gu Xijiu called out all its functions without any facial expression then she replied him, "Look, I know its function, but I don't think it is beneficial to me."

Di Fuyi sighed, "You are right about all these functions, but there is another function that is very important. No one knows about it, but it is very beneficial to you. Would you like to know about it?"

Gu Xijiu did not speak. She thought that Di Fuyi was very talkative tonight and kept prompting her to talk. However, she did not want to talk too much with him at the moment.

Di Fuyi looked at her for a long while then he laughed, "Don't you feel curious? If not, then I won't continue to speak of it."

Gu Xijiu was speechless and remained silent. She decided to close her eyes to rest.

It was quiet for a long while in the room. When Gu Xijiu thought that Di Fuyi had left, he finally spoke, "The most special function of this fruit is that it can remove any mark from someone's face."

Gu Xijiu finally opened her eyes and saw Di Fuyi, holding the fruit in his hand. He calmly said, "So do you think you are the most suitable candidate to get this fruit?"

Gu Xijiu thought of the birthmark on her forehead. Although it had mostly faded, the mark was still visible when she blushed or felt anxious. If eating the fruit would remove it, she would not reject it.

"Although this fruit belongs to me, I have decided to use it as the prize so I hope it would be used with the maximized effect and not go to waste. Since you won the compet.i.tion, you deserve the prize. It was funny how you forced to give it to others. Unless..."

He suddenly leaned towards her, "Unless you're in love with me that is why you acted so childishly. So are you in love with me?"

His face was only less than a foot away from her. He half-leaned towards her with the eyelids slightly bent. He seemed serious yet jokingly said, "Little Xijiu, I think you are in love with me…"

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