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Her gaze was sincere and she said it sincerely as well! Di Fuyi was stunned and looked at her, "You want me to check on her?" His voice was hoa.r.s.e as though he was hiding a certain emotion.

Gu Xijiu just wanted him to leave and she totally did not notice his emotion, Thus, she nodded, "Yes. Although she was the one who attacked us in the first place, you should stay with her now since you're here…"

If she was Yun Qingluo and he was her lover, she definitely wanted him to stay with her...

Di Fuyi continued to look at her for a moment, "What…What if I want to stay with you?"

Gu Xijiu was shocked. She did not know what to say.

Her gaze was cold and then laughed, "But I don't you to stay here!"

This man was still celebrating Chinese Valentine's Day with Yun Qingluo last night and that had hurt her feelings, but today he was there to pretend he wanted to be with her?

Was he cheating on two girls at the same time?

Or he wanted to be like most men in this world - keeping all the girls he liked by his side and enjoy life with all of them together?

If everything he had done earlier was to teach her a lesson, was he thinking to take her on a sweet date now as compensation?

She was not keen at all! Not to mention going on a sweet date; she would throw it away even if he had given her a bag full of honey!

The flame was burning in her chest and her breathing pace was getting faster. Unfortunately, that would make the situation worse as she felt her spiritual power fading even faster now and the intensity of the pain had doubled up until she almost screamed!

"Let go of her!" Apparently, Long Siye could sense Gu Xijiu's emotion fluctuating. He quickly rushed forward and pushed Di Fuyi away.

Di Fuiyi seemed to have lost his focus as he almost fell after stepping back.

Long Siye did not expect it to be that easy, he was stunned and immediately hugged Gu Xijiu into his arms.

Initially, Gu Xijiu was unable to withstand the pain, but she finally felt better when Long Siye took over to support her. She laid down her alert and whispered as she leaned in his arms, "Sir Long, do you have painkillers? I really need it… This is too much for me, I feel like I'm being stung by thousands of wasps…"

Long Siye hugged her tightly and looked at her weak and sweaty face, "Alright… Let me see your wounds first…"

His switched his gaze to the handle of the sword and was stunned. His expression changed as he took a close look, "Xijiu, what do you feel other than pain?"

Although he tried very hard to calm himself down, his voice was trembling.

"It's f*cking pain, and… weak, all the energy is traveling out via the sword. It's… a little itchy…"

Gu Xijiu's vision was blurred and she could not really see things clearly now.

She had experienced many different injuries before, including being pierced by a sword. She had also experienced bone fracture several times before, but all were different from the pain she felt this time!

No matter how severe the injuries she used to have, she faced it with a smile and Long Xi used to call her the female Guan Yu.

However, this pain had paralyzed her, and she almost cried and even feel like crashing on the wall to kill herself...

Long Siye touched the sword hilt softly. It was really very soft, but Gu Xijiu was in chronic pain, which reduced her to a trembling misery. She bit her teeth, "Don't touch…"

Long Siye immediately looked at Di Fuyi who was standing aside, "Is this the Black Curse Hooker Sword?"

Di Fuyi did not deny, "Yes."

Long Siye grabbed his fists, "How evil can she be? Is she really the heaven's gift disciple?"

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