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Published at 18th of July 2019 08:45:04 AM Chapter 2067: 2067

Gu Xijiu smiled after a short ponder . "Fine, I will leave . Where is His Highness? Let me say goodbye to him before I make my move . "

"Do not worry . His Highness does not want to see you again . Take care . I think it is best for two of you not to meet again . "

Gu Xijiu nodded her head lightly . "Okay!" She turned around and was ready to leave .

However, before leaving the vicinity, she took out a fishing rod from her storage s.p.a.ce and tossed a fish hook with bait into the lake .

Bai Ze was confused, so Gu Xijiu casually explained, "I owe him a bowl of fish soup . Just take it as a 'thank you' from me for letting me stay here for a few days . "

Bai Ze remained silent .

It was already in the evening, and the sun was setting; that made the sky turned orange and purplish . Di Fuyi was enjoying wine as he sat in the pavilion above the pond . He drank quite a lot as there seemed to be six to seven jars nearby . Besides that, his face blushed, and his vision looked blurred as well .

Bai Ze walked approached his master with very light footsteps; quietly, he placed a bowl of fish soup on the table .

"What is this?" Di Fuyi asked after taking a glimpse of the soup .

"Miss Gu made it; she said it is a token of appreciation for letting her stay here over the last few days . " Bai Ze answered honestly .

"Hah!" Di Fuyi chuckled sarcastically and continued, "Where is she?" 

"She left with two of her celestial pets . "

Di Fuyi did not say anything but twirled the wine gla.s.s in his hand as if he was pondering .

Meanwhile, steam continued rising from the fish soup . It was getting cold as no one bothered to drink it .

Di Fuyi was still drinking wine and did not seem to be interested in taking a sip of the soup . Bai Ze finally tried to convince him after watching for a while . "Your Highness, do you want to try the soup? It is pretty good, but it would no longer be nice when it turns cold . " 

Di Fuyi stared at the fish soup again and casually said, "Just pour it away; I am not interested . "

Bai Ze was shocked, as he remembered that his master was depressed after he returned home because he did not get to drink the fish soup she made . How come he did not want to drink it now when Miss Gu made an effort to make the soup for him?

Bai Ze was there the entire time as Gu Xijiu caught the fish and made the soup for him . It was not as easy as he thought . She was looking for a particular fish, and she only found the one she wanted after the 16th attempt . Besides that, she also removed the fish scales and all the bones by herself before finally making the soup .

During the cleaning process, the bones cut her hand as she lost her focus . She tasted the first pot of soup and poured it away because she did not find it good enough . Initially, Bai Ze was quite upset with her; however, he felt much better after seeing her putting in so much effort just to make a soup .

The serving that Bai Ze brought it to Di Fuyi was the third pot of soup she made . Even he thought that was the best soup he has ever smelled and he could not make such good soup by himself . Hence, after he heard Di Fuyi's instruction, he coughed as he found it wasteful . "Your Highness, the fish soup is delicious . Why not take a sip?"

"Pour it away!"

Bai Ze remained silent . He still wanted to convince him, but he did not expect that Di Fuyi was already running out of patience . He took the fish soup and walked toward the window . In the next second, the soup along with the bowl was thrown into the lake .

Di Fuyi was standing in front of the window; he watched as the soup splashed onto the surface of the lake . He only turned around when the water returned to its tranquil state .

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