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Chapter 680: We Are Going To Tianju Hall To Observe The Scene

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Everything went silent, but finally, Huang Tu's voice could be heard again, "Who is on the same team as Yun Qingluo? What are their strengths?"

Messenger Chenge clearly knew everything about it and reported, "She is teaming up with Le Qingxing and Le Zixing. Both of them are the best of the best! What if Miss Gus team loses the fight"

The Lord was quiet for a moment. "Does it have anything to do with me whether she loses or not?"

Messenger Chenge went quiet.

It seemed like The Lord had really let her go and would not pay attention to anything about her anymore. One could only wish the little girl luck now.

Fortunately, the little girl had useful survival skills. Even if she was alone, she could manage the pace of her life smoothly and would not require others to worry about her. Honestly, he kind of liked the little girl. He was absorbed in his own thoughts when the jade tablet at his waist lighted up. He picked it up and saw Mu Feng's panic-stricken face, "Mu Lei, something is wrong with the Feixing Kingdom!"

Mu Lei went tensed and asked, "What is wrong?"

"There is a town in the Feixing Kingdom that has been ma.s.sacred within a night. The bodies look suspicious, and only one survivor made it out to deliver the message. The Emperor was furious and sent people to investigate the incident. However, all the people who were sent did not come back. The Emperor sent a general the next time, and again he did not make it back. Everyone else in the Feixing Kingdom is jittery, should we get ourselves involved in this?"

Mu lei took a deep breath, "Does Rong Che have any reactions?"

"No, he probably has no idea about it yet. According to the scout, The Emperor has granted him a long leave for half a year due to his serious injuries. He is now spending his time in the Eighth Princes residence enjoying nature with the company of pretty ladies."

Mu Lei immediately informed The Lord about what he had just heard from Mu Feng. He could not hold back his question, "My Lord, have we guarded the wrong person?"

The Lord did not seem to react, so Mu Lei dared not continue his questions. The Lord had been quite moody recently, and when he was unhappy, he liked to trouble them. Therefore, Mu Lei did not want to get himself into unnecessary troubles.

A few moments later, the door was open. The Lord and Huang Tu walked out of the door but gave Mu Lei an order, "Keep our things safe, we are going to Tianju Hall tomorrow to observe the scene."

Mu Lei did not say anything back. He thought The Lord was going to the Feixing Kingdom to solve the case, but what The Lord had said was out of his expectations.

"My Lord, shouldn't we get ourselves involved in the investigation? It is a rare opportunity for us as their enemy to finally make a move."

Huang Tu looked at him with a judgmental look as though Mu Lei had just said something foolish. Mu Lei now doubted his own remark. Then, The Lord slowly said, "If a wolf wanted to eat a tiger cub, but the tiger was guarding the vantage ground... What would it do?"

Mu Lei did not expect The Lord to tell him some bedtime stories. He did not think twice and answered, "Of course it would try to make the tiger go away."

"And, would it be sufficient if the tiger were to leave the cave?"

"No way, it would have to make the tiger go as far away as possible. Only when the tiger has been lured away from the mountains, then it could savor its cubs."

By now, Mu Lei seemed to have a grasp of it. "What The Lord meant to do is to trick them by luring them away from their entrenchment, right?"

The Lord was quite pleased, "Your intelligence has finally made a comeback."

Mu Feng was speechless, but he was still confused, "My Lord, but how did you know that the one that they are aiming at is Tianju Hall and not somewhere else?"

The Lord seemed to be more confused by him. He asked him with another question, "Is there anywhere else that I have placed my tiger cubs?"

"Alright," said Mu Lei.

He began to speak but said nothing. The Lord was impatient, "If you have something to say, say it."

"My Lord, in my opinion, perhaps My Lord thinks that Tianju Hall is the place where you put your tiger cubs, but the enemy may not think the same."

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