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Published at 11th of July 2019 02:45:04 PM Chapter 2047: 2047

"The disappearance of the majestic beings has been ongoing for almost two weeks now . If you think that the mussel is the criminal behind the case, you should start by investigating that particular period of time and establish its whereabouts during the crimes . If you truly cared about the case of the missing majestic beings, you would have started the investigation right away and report the findings to the Emperor Immortal . But what have you done so far? You have convicted the mussel of a crime that it has never committed merely by witnessing the kill of three majestic beings . You have come to such a remote place to torture it and instigate it to befoul my reputation . Have you always been carrying out your investigations so idiotically, or have you any ulterior motives? Are you trying to create slander about me?"

All four of them looked at one another in wonder . While frowning, Tie Zheng tried to justify their action . "We are here because of some urgent matters . We cannot simply head back to the ninth heaven due to the lack of time, so we have to keep it with us . We did not come here to torture it purposely . "

"What are the urgent matters?"

Tie Zheng was irritated . "Why should I report our orders to you?"

Gu Xijiu answered coldly, "I am not interested . I am only asking because I am unfortunately involved in this matter . Why can't you tell me about it? Is there something you are afraid to say? Have you failed to patch up your lies?"

Furiously, Tie Zheng answered, "Hmmph! There is no lie to patch up . We are here because we know that a rare majestic being will make its appearance here within three days . We have to wait here so that we do not miss it . While waiting, we might as well interrogate the mussel . "

"The emperor is very concerned about the case of the missing majestic beings . He is eager to solve the case . Instead of investigating the prime criminal that you have proclaimed the mussel to be, you chose to stay here for three consecutive days and wait for the rare majestic being . What if the mussel was not the criminal? What if the real criminal was still out in the world, committing the same crime again because of the delay? Aren't you afraid that the emperor might punish you for your delay?"

Mouth agape and tongue-tied, all four of them did not know how to refute her powerful words . Gu Xijiu continued scornfully, "Need I ask that you are carrying this out under someone else's order?"

"Nonsense! We only answer to the emperor! Who could incite us to do otherwise? This is all nonsense!"

Gu Xijiu took a look at him, then to the other men . She asked another question, "One of you is an expert in the use of poisons, right? Couldn't you see that the mussel's violent, raging behavior was due to some wicked, poisonous spell?"

The four men were at loss of words . All eyes were on Tie Liu, for he was the only one who was knowledgeable in the use of poisons .

Tie Liu responded in a rage, "Nonsense! I did notice any poison . "

It had been three days, so all evidence of the poison had already disappeared . Tie Liu was not afraid of her finding it out .

Gu Xijiu smiled, very sarcastically . She turned and focused on Tie Zheng instead . "I have some questions for you . When you saw the mussel, were its sh.e.l.ls bright red? Were its eyes suspended in mid-air? Were its eyes bloodshot, densely covered with fine vessels? In its human form, were its fingers about an inch long?"

What Gu Xijiu described was exactly what he saw . He hesitated, but did not deny it, " . . . Yes!"

"Those are the signs of the manic poison . Once encountered, one will lose the ability to act rationally . When triggered, he or she will not be able to resist killing . The affected ones will do things that they will not normally do . The poison is rarely seen, but an expert should be able to observe it . Hence, you have disregarded the fact that the mussel was poisoned . Why?"

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