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Published at 10th of July 2019 08:40:04 AM Chapter 2043: 2043

The four men looked up and saw a woman, along with a majestic being, on a tree . The beast was Lu Wu, which was swaying its nine tails . As for the woman, she was wearing a pale-green dress . Her face, however, was covered by a disturbing, ghostly mask . There was a golden ruler in her hand . There she stood, not tall, but with great aura .

She was the mysterious woman evil woman everyone had been ranting about . The person who was trying to get together with a child!

The four men grew anxious at the thought of her . They had seen Gu Xijiu before; twice, in fact . The first time was during the wedding of the Divine Lord, and the second was on Shen Nianmo's birthday . They had witnessed both her appearances, so she had certainly left a strong impression on them .

Clearly, they knew that they should not mess with the woman . Even the Divine Lord would stay away from her . The Emperor Immortal, too, chose not to antagonize her .

"Are you the master of the mussel?" Tie Zheng, one of the Great Guardians, questioned her .

The bottle gourd on the ground caught Gu Xijiu's attention . The size of the bottle gourd was quite huge . It was basically as big as a small hill . She could hear the mussel crying hoa.r.s.ely in the bottle . Apparently, it was undergoing some kind of torment .

Lu Wu and the mussel were great friends . Therefore, it immediately rushed forward angrily . "What have you done to the mussel? Release it now!"

Lu Wu was quick, but not quick enough . Tie Liu, the third Great Guardian, swiftly cast a spell on the bottle gourd . Almost instantaneously, the bottle shrunk in size and flew rapidly towards Tie Liu's palm .

Tie Liu was generally known in Saha World for his speed, which was something he could be proud of . This time, however, someone was obviously quicker than him . Before the bottle gourd could even reach his palm, it was intercepted mid-air by someone else . Tie Liu was stunned!

The other Great Guardians stood in shock as well . The one who intercepted the bottle gourd was the mysterious evil woman . At this moment, she had already retreated about thirty feet away from them . On her delicate palm, lay Tie Liu's precious bottle gourd .  

The mussel in the bottle seemed to have sensed something . It stopped moving, all of a sudden . "Mussel, are you all right?" Gu Xijiu was concerned .

Soon, the mussel replied in a timid voice, "Master…" Its voice was soft, but Gu Xijiu could tell that it was filled with guilt and grievance .

"Release it!" Gu Xijiu threw a harsh look at Tie Liu . The bottle gourd was a magical item . Without specific incantation, Gu Xijiu would not be able to open it .

Gu Xijiu had heard about these magical items, so she knew that the bottle gourd was nothing ordinary from the very first sight .

It took Tie Liu some time to comprehend what had happened . He tried to keep a calm composure and responded scornfully, "It is the criminal that we have been looking for! We cannot simply release it . As its master, you have connived with it to commit such crimes . You will not get away from the punishment as well . "

Gu Xijiu refused to argue with him anymore . "It is innocent, so let it out . If you refuse to cast the spell, I shall release it on my own . By that time, I am afraid that your bottle gourd will not be in one piece . "

Tie Liu hesitated but was not fully convinced . The bottle gourd could not be damaged that easily; not even fire, a sword, water, or boiling oil could scratch it the slightest bit . So far, no one had ever done any damage to the bottle . It was basically unbreakable .

He was not really concerned about the bottle, even if it was in Gu Xijiu's hands . "I have said it before, and I am saying it again, it is a criminal, so I will not release it . Give it back to me, or I will impose severe punishments on it . "

Streaks of golden rays started to emerge on his fingertips . Through the light, there were all sorts of incantations floating in the air . "If I cast these incantations on the bottle, the temperature within it will rise tremendously; high enough to melt metals . Everything in the bottle will turn into piles of ash . "

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