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Published at 9th of July 2019 02:45:04 AM Chapter 2039: 2039

The mussel was like a family to Gu Xijiu, even though it would often get itself into trouble due to its uncontrollable appet.i.te . She certainly would not allow anyone to harm her family .

The new Emperor Immortal's interest did not overlap with hers . She knew that he was secretly investigating her, but she was not afraid of that, for she had a clear conscience with no shame of her actions . Thus, she pretended that she did not know about it .

She would let the incident pa.s.s if the mussel was fine . If the mussel was really dead as a result of the four Great Guardians' torment, no matter whom they belonged to, she would definitely seek for a just resolution on behalf of the mussel's death .

She thought about the situation for a moment . Then, she made contact with Long Siye . "Instructor Long, do you know where Tie Liu and the other Great Guardians are?"

"They received a secret report regarding the whereabouts of the devilish conspirator behind the ma.s.sacre and went away to capture it . They have yet to return . "

Gu Xijiu sighed . "When did they leave? Have they said anything about the devil being?"

"They left three days ago, after receiving information from a reliable source . However, I am not sure about the details . Xijiu, why are you asking about them? Is there anything wrong?" Long Siye was concerned .

"They may have mistaken my mussel as the devil being . Instructor Long, is there any way that you can contact them?"

"How is that even possible? The mussel can never be the conspirator . The missing case of the majestic beings has been ongoing for almost two weeks now . Yet, the mussel has only been away from the general's residence for five days . "

"Yes, which is why I know that the mussel is innocent . Instructor, please contact them right away . "

"All right!"

Soon, Long Siye replied, "Xijiu, I have failed to get in touch with them . They must be located in some forbidden place right now, so they have to shut their directed audio spell . However, I have some news from the emperor . Two days ago, the four Great Guardians reported to the emperor that they had captured the prime criminal behind the disappearance of the majestic beings . It was a mussel! They would interrogate it to find out about other criminals before bringing it back to the ninth heaven for the emperor to make his final decision . "

Gu Xijiu clenched her fists in frustration . What Long Siye told her was a complete match to Yun Yanli's observation .

Long Siye also knew the urgency of the matter, so he continued, "Xijiu, I have already told the emperor that the mussel is not the prime criminal . I have also requested for the immediate release of the mussel once the emperor is in touch with the four Great Guardians . Where are you now? I will come to you . "

"I am now at Yaori Hill . You do not have to come here; just contact Tie Liu and the other men for me . "

Long Siye's current location was far away from where she was . Even with his speed, he would take at least half a day to get to her . She could not wait for him . Also, Long Siye's presence would not be of any use if the mussel's whereabouts remained unknown . Therefore, she hung up and turned to Yun Yanli instead . "My prince, did you see where they went?"

Yun Yanli led Gu Xijiu all the way to the hillside, where the mussel was captured .

Lu Wu sniffed around and could pick up its scent . Also, it found a pearl that was left behind by the mussel .

"Master, the mussel was indeed captured right here!" Lu Wu exclaimed .

There was an agreement between the mussel and Lu Wu . If anything happened to the mussel, it would leave a pearl behind as a sign to communicate with Lu Wu .

The pearl was greyish without any luminance . At first glance, it looked ordinary, just like a small rock . Lu Wu walked around it to observe it and reported to Gu Xijiu right away . "Four men attacked it in a siege!"

Gu Xijiu nodded in agreement . She, too, took notice of the traces left behind by the mussel and the men .

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