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Published at 8th of July 2019 08:45:04 AM Chapter 2037: 2037

There was a wickedly sharp knife in her hand, and she twirled the blade playfully between her fingers . "Don't worry . I am very experienced in slicing tongues . I can cut it off very swiftly, so you will feel less pain . What do you think? Pick one way or another," she said with a note of sarcasm .

The men were utterly shocked . The offers were both unacceptable . The first option was thoroughly demeaning, but the second one would cause them to be disabled .

Before they could say anything, Gu Xijiu continued, "I am losing patience . There are only two choices . Should you refuse to choose, I will act on the second option on the count of ten . One, two, three, four…"

She counted quickly, urging them to make their decision . The five men did not want to be disabled, so they had to choose the first option, even though it was shameful . Therefore, the five men slapped their own faces a hundred times as punishment under Gu Xijiu's supervision . Soon, all their faces were bruised . After the punishment, they also had to take an oath before they were allowed to leave .

Lu Wu was delighted but was not entirely satisfied . "Master, why don't you just kill them?"

Gu Xijiu gently touched her face as she answered, "Do I look like a murderer to you?"

The men were only bad-mouthing her . They did not deserve to die because of verbal abuse . Moreover, they were the disciples of Master Fengxing . Although Di Fuyi no longer acknowledged him as his master, their bond should not be dismissed so lightly . If she killed them, she would definitely put Di Fuyi into a difficult position . To avoid that, she chose to give them a lesson instead .

Lu Wu was at a loss of words . It could not help but complain, "Master, I know what others don't . You are only 230 years old . Your age is considerably young in their world . Why are you considered as an old woman? You should stop making yourself sound older than you actually are . The mussel has lived for a few thousand years . Following by their rules, shouldn't it call itself as an old mussel, then?"

Gu Xijiu petted its head . "You are right! Even my Lu Wu knows how to tell what is right and what is wrong . I agree with you that I am still young . They are only too blind to see my beauty . How dare they refer to me as an old monstrous woman! Why would they say that I am old?"

She had a supple, graceful figure with the tender face of an 18-year-old .  The celestial beings could easily be more than a thousand years old .

Shen Nianmo's ten masters, for example, were all over a few thousand years old . Even some of their disciples, who had finished their apprenticeships, were already more than a thousand years old . However, even at the age of a thousand years, these men were still generally acknowledged as youngsters or young men .

She certainly did not deserve to be referred to as an old, monstrous woman at the age of merely two hundred years . It was not fair to her .

"Xijiu, you are only about 200 years old . I would not believe it if I did not hear it from you!" A voice could be heard coming from afar, behind a rock .

Hesitantly, Gu Xijiu's eyes searched for the source of the sound and found a small, man-like rock behind a huge boulder . "Yun Yanli, I see that you are here as well . "

The small rock shook a little . With a glimpse of light, the rock turned instantaneously into a young man of pale colored robes, with handsome and elegant features . He was Yun Yanli .

He took big steps and approached Gu Xijiu delightfully . "It is a small world, after all . Xijiu, here we meet again!"

She certainly had not expected to b.u.mp into an old friend . "What a coincidence! Why are you here?" Gu Xijiu was happy to see him as well .

After a little chat, Gu Xijiu found out that he was here because of the rare majestic being .

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