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She looked at the buyers and said, "However, if you have any medicine, just pa.s.s it to me, and I'll make one and prove him wrong!"

Once she mentioned that out loud, chaos emerged among the buyers. Everyone wanted Gu Xijiu to use their medicine, but most of them had incomplete ingredients.

While that was the moment, Qian Lingtian was waiting to make his move. He slowly walked toward the stall and sighed, "I do have a set of ingredients for Fire Lava Pills, I thought I was going to make it by myself. Anyway, since you need it urgently to prove yourself, I’ll contribute it then. It’s not easy to collect these medicines though, make sure you make me a good pill!"

The fish was on the hook!

Gu Xijiu smiled but she was not in a hurry, "It's not easy to make Fire Lava Pill, even the experts couldn't get one four-graded pill after ten attempts. I don't mind to use your medicine, but I need to tell you upfront about the charges. 500 spiritual stones for each four-graded pill, 300 spiritual stones for each three-graded pill, 150 spiritual stones for the two-graded pill and 80 for the one-graded pill. If you agree, then I'll make it now. If you don't, then I'll take other orders."

The harsher she was, the easier it to make Qian Lingtian lets his guard down. He was a doubtful and careful person, but he was always worried he would get caught.

He would be more cautious if Gu Xijiu accepts his medicine too quickly. However, it seemed to be different now as he thought things went well with his plan. However, he extended his show for better safety.

He argued with Gu Xijiu and bargained the price. He even pretended he was going to leave, but Gu Xijiu refused to compromise. She preferred not to earn the spiritual stones and would not ask him to stay if he was going to vacate.

Until he saw others were going to grab the chance with full ingredients then only he agreed with the price.

Throughout the making process, he pretended he did not care, but he secretly observed Gu Xijiu just in case she played any trick.

However, he did not know much about the alchemy knowledge, and there were many different ways to make various medicines. He could only watch her and prevent her from adding any other ingredients.

It took slightly longer to make the pill which was about three hours. The people around the stall were talking about her skills as they watched.

Of course, there were also some experts in the crowd, and they criticized softly while watching.

However, they secretly cried after a while.

It was very common to move fast while making the medicines, but it was not easy to make every single move look beautiful.

Those alchemists only focused on alchemy and neglect all skills which were not relevant. Besides that, they were usually a man. They were confused about dancing.

Gu Xijiu’s motion was not the feminine dance but handsome and charming. Although she was wearing a traditional long robe and a mask, she looked graceful.

Who was the one making the medicine?

The hidden alchemist looked at each other as they knew each other and decided to come together. Therefore, the one in front of them was not from their team.

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