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Gu Xijiu said casually, "There’s a night market, right? Based on what I’ve heard, this pill is occasionally available at the night market, but the price will be doubled compared to the pharmacy."

Gu Canmo remained silent, and his face looked grave.

He took a deep breath and said, "I’ll look into this incident!"

Qian Lingtian was just an average student from the Ziyun cla.s.s, where did he get so many spiritual stones to buy the medicine?

If what Gu Xijiu said was right, there was probably a mighty person behind Qian Lingtian!

Qian Lingtian was probably a spy which they put in Tianju Hall. That was not a small matter; we must investigate him appropriately!

He pondered and seemed to have a plan in his mind. He told Gu Xijiu, "This is not a small matter, don't leak out any info, I'll investigate it."

Gu Xijiu smiled, "Of course, it’s your call."

Gu Canmo stopped talking for a short while and then continued asking, "Gu Xijiu, don’t you hate me? I mistreated you before, and you still trust me?"

Gu Xijiu looked at him with her head slanted one side, "Of course I hate you, I hate you so badly. Honestly, I feel happy seeing you punished here."

Gu Canmo remained silent.

Gu Xijiu immediately changed her att.i.tude, "Anyway, I still trust you. I trust your personality, and I believe whatever decision made is for Tianju Hall’s good. Alright, I think I’ll leave it to you for the next plan." Then, she disappeared.

Gu Canmo felt touched. This little girl was quite good.

She was knowledgeable and pa.s.sionate, most importantly, she was full of creative ideas. Oh, wait! She had not told him how to get rid of Qian Lingyu's spell! Gu Canmo was in a panic and almost broke the chain to go after her!


In the evening of the sixth day, Gu Xijiu went to The Lord’s courtyard again.

He had not returned, Gu Xijiu thought he would not come back anymore. And he probably just intended to scare her when he said he was going to check on her studies on the sixth day. Gu Xijiu guessed he did not take it seriously.

She felt relieved, and the book was too thick already. She did read the book, but there was still a distance to master all the theories.

After all, there were quite many terms which were difficult to understand; even the Firmament Stone could not follow. Thus, she could only memorize it.

If he comes back to check her homework, she would probably need to run around Tianju Hall with a single leg for the entire night. Luckily, he did not come back!

She then packed some stuff and met Qian Lingyu. After telling him the important things then only they went to the night market.

The night market was full of people who dressed in a long robe and wore a mask. Gu Xijiu and Qian Lingyu still went back to the same spot where they set up their stall. They realized many people had already waited there and some even stretched their neck as though they were looking for something. They immediately looked at those who just came to set up their stall, and then moved their gaze away when they realized it was Gu Xijiu.

Someone even helped them to reserve the spot for their stall and also chase away those who wanted to take the location.

"Xijiu, is he here?" Qian Lingyu’s gaze was scanning the crowd, but he could not identify him.

Gu Xijiu also scanned the crowd and realized he was there, "Yes, he is here."

"Should we go now? To fish him?"

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