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Gu Xijiu was not a greedy person, "That’s all for today, you’re welcomed to visit another day if you want to buy more." She began to clean up the stall.

Someone was not happy though, "Why aren't you making more?"

"Come on; we still want to buy. Oh yeah, do you have any other medicines other than these two?"

Gu Xijiu answered as she was still cleaning up, "I can make any medicine below fifth-grade as long as there are sufficient ingredients. I'm kind of a lazy person and I only make twice a day."

She sounded like an expert with an arrogant att.i.tude. Hence, everyone found it more difficult to identify her. There was an unofficial regulation in the night market whereby the buyers and the sellers were not allowed to ask each other's ident.i.ty. Therefore, no one asked her ident.i.ty even though they were full of curiosity.

Most of them were guessing whether any of the teachers from the Alchemy Department faked his or her ident.i.ty to sell their medicine here. That was because only those people were known to have the ability to make such good medicines.

Qian Lingtian was standing at the same spot for a while. He quickly ran to catch up, "Can I know whether you can make a fourth-grade Fire Lava Pill?"

Fire Lava Pill was good for whoever practices fire spiritual power. It was powerful to practice the fire spiritual power, but it was easiest to lose control as well. The Fire Lava Pill could remove the impurities in the fire spiritual power and prevent them from losing control too easily. It was vital to those who practiced fire spiritual power.

However, the ingredients were very valuable, and it was very difficult to make the pill. There were only one or two people in the Tianju Hall who could make such a premium and rare pill. Moreover, it was very easy to get many failed pills and probably only one successful third-grade pill from three furnaces. Therefore, this pill was extremely rare and valuable.

You could not even find a second-grade pill in the market. It was also rare and difficult to find in Tianju Hall’s pharmacy. Even the students from the Ziyun cla.s.s were not allowed to access to it from the pharmacy even despite them only having first-grade pills. Only the students who practice fire spiritual power were allowed to take one every two months. They would not simply eat it if it was not necessary.

As for the fourth-grade pills, it always served as a reward for those who achieved something big. It was very difficult to find it otherwise.

Even the students who frequently practiced fire spiritual power from the Ziyun cla.s.s could hardly see it.

Qian Lingtian held his breath and waited for her answer after asking the question. Gu Xijiu stopped for a second and then answered, "I can't guarantee for a fourth-grade pill, but three or four third-grade pills is possible."

Qian Lingtian was delighted!

He asked again, "What if I prepared the ingredients myself and you made it? How are you going to charge?"

"500 spiritual stones for each fourth-grade pill, 300 spiritual stones for each third-grade pill, 100 spiritual stones for each second-grade pill and 50 spiritual stones for each first-grade pill." Gu Xijiu said.

Qian Lingtian was not happy with the price, "It’s so expensive! This is even if I pay for the ingredients?"

"The price would be doubled if you’re going to buy your own ingredients." Gu Xijiu answered and then did not bother him anymore. She continued to walk around the night market.

Qian Lingtian blinked his eyes and then whispered with his buddy beside him. His buddy nodded and then quickly ran away.

Qian Lingtian was a careful person; he wanted to know who was the one who made the pills. However, his buddy returned with a disappointed expression after an hour and told him he could not find them. Qian Lingtian was extremely p.i.s.sed off.

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