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Qian Lingtian’s had changed. His att.i.tude towards Qian Lingyu had largely shifted from being extremely polite to being downright nasty. Sometimes, he would even make up reasons just to beat him up. Bad things happened, and they had shaped Qian Lingyu into who he was now.

Qian Lingyu was an arrogant child. The things that he had told Gu Xijiu were not particularly specific and reasonable. Basically, he conveyed the entire picture with different parts of the story and only swept over the subjects quickly. Gu Xijiu could only make sense of the subject by making conclusions based on what he had told her.

A genius had fallen and become rubbish. He had been despised and replaced by his own servant. Not many people could cope with such a disgrace. It was no wonder that Qian Lingyu would become such as a wild child. While they were talking, the mussel came back with a reward. There was a chicken, a rabbit, and a deer. Gu Xijiu took the responsibility to process the food, so Qian Lingyu followed closely to help her out. The mussel was waiting aside, drooling.

During the entire cooking process, Gu Xijiu and Qian Lingyu talked for a while about his conditions after he went too far into his practice and became infatuated. After they finished cooking, Lu Wu ran towards them like a flash of lighting just when all three of them were about to start eating. It nestled in the arms of Gu Xijiu, and all nine of its tails wagged like a spinning wheel. Wind Caller approached them from behind as well while holding a deer in its mouth.

Two hours later, Lu Wu, the mussel, and Wind Caller all lied on the floor, very satisfied. The mussel had a great meal, and it could feel that the wounds on its body were not that painful anymore. It lied there, basking itself under the moonlight.

After a series of conversations, Gu Xijiu and Qian Lingyu became closer. Qian Lingyu was too arrogant to submit himself to anyone, except Gu Xijiu. He felt as though Gu Xijiu was his sister.

"By the way, after you went too far into your practice and were possessed, did you let Overlord Long see your condition?" Asked Gu Xijiu, casually.

Qian Lingyu hesitated, then shook his head, "When I was possessed, Overlord Long happened to be in isolation, but his disciple came to see me and could not do anything about it."

"Didn’t you go and see him after he came back from isolation?"

Qian Lingyu looked down, "He had been in isolation for a year. I was already in the Liuyun cla.s.s at the time."

He held his head up and laughed, "It is of no use, anyway. Why should I see him?" There was a sign of panic and fragility in his eyes, even though he meant to say it as a joke.

When Long Siye came out from isolation, he was generally known as a poor student, everyone looked down on him, and even his family had also given up. In this case, no one would come forward to invite Long Siye. Moreover, he did not wish to let Long Siye examine his conditions. He worried that he would have deteriorated even further.

Gu Xijiu could not help but look at him. She had studied psychology so she could generally understand the thoughts of kids like him. It was all because of his overwhelming arrogance. After losing his ability to practice, he would rather make others think that he was rebellious and mischievous; that he was too reluctant to make any progress in his studies. He did not want them to say that he could no longer learn well. It was a kind of escape from reality.

"Gu Xijiu, now that you know everything about me, do you look down on me as well? Do you think that I am useless and stupid?" Qian Lingyu looked at her while tilting his head. He looked carefree, but there was some tension in his eyes.

Gu Xijiu washed her hands and answered him, "I have never thought that you are stupid or useless. On the contrary, I think that you are very smart, a quick learner in whatever that you’re keen to learn about."

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