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Gu Xijiu lowered her head and tried to restructure her phrases, "There are a few suspicious details which I don't understand. Firstly, according to the students from the Liuyun cla.s.s who were trapped in the illusion, Teacher Zi liked to molest students, and he was perverted. Although Hu Qingqing's Kung Fu was good, her appearance was… relatively normal. Based on Teacher Zi's preferences, she was not really his cup of tea, so how did she manage to seduce him? Unless Teacher Zi had unique tastes, this would be unlikely. Secondly, Hu Qingqing did indeed argue with me and couldn't wait to kick me out. However, she wouldn't trade her body for such a small goal. Of course, I don't really know Hu Qingqing, and I'm not familiar with her usual att.i.tude, hence, let's put the second point aside now…"

The little girl had excellent logical thinking ability! The Lord was impressed and sat on a rock to listen.

"Thirdly, after Teacher Zi said ‘You're here…,' He immediately burnt himself. The ‘you' he referred to should be someone he trusted but who is the person he was referring to? Is he or she relevant to the case? While that person is not necessarily the culprit, it was such a coincidence that he got burnt and died right after he mentioned that person. Is that really a coincidence or did someone insert something into his body to curse him? It seemed as though he would be burnt once he discloses any info about that person. I... I've heard about a type of worm spell which could be planted in the human heart. Someone can hear everything that happens around the host, and he can control the host's action. Once the host mentions anything about its master, the host would die, and even his soul would disappear… This might have happened to teacher Zi. It happened so fast. Even if he were cast with a worm spell, it would have disappeared while the body was burnt. Hence, there's no way to investigate…"

"You know quite a lot huh?" The Lord looked at her and acknowledged her thoughts. He slowly added, "I’ve heard about you knowing certain strange knowledge, and that you said you were a heavenly gifted disciple when the Emperor Xuan asked you. Hmmm, the truth is you’re not a disciple, and I’ve never taught you these things, so where did you learn these from?"

Gu Xijiu remained silent. The Lord seemed to know everything about her though! Do you think she should tell him the truth? Reveal to him the fact that she was resurrected with someone else's body? Would he put her into a container and throw her into a lake!? Or maybe she should lie once again? She really had no idea what to tell him this time. Her tongue was tied, and she did not speak.

The Lord looked at her pale face and said, "You can skip the part about you being resurrected, I already know it."

Gu Xijiu looked at him with a pair of big round eyes. Since he knew it already, why the h*ck did she feel stagnant?! That was her biggest secret which she did not want anyone to know. Since he knew it already and did not think of killing her, what else did she need to be worried about?

Thus, she told him the truth and briefly introduced herself. Of course, she did not tell him about the complicated relationship she had with Long Xi, and she did not tell him about her being a clone. She only told him she was an a.s.sa.s.sin and died during a mission. She then came to this world and possessed Gu Xijiu’s body. She did not want to say too much, so she just briefly storied her past. However, The Lord was very smart, and he asked her a few questions. Every question he asked hit gave her no room to escape. For example, what kind of mission did she fail and why?

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